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From: Jessica
I LOVE your artwork, Megan! You're very talented & continue to impress me.
From: alex
hey, i just wanted to tell you i love your artwork. it is quite awesome. i adore pop art, and andy warhol is one of my favorite people. one day, when i get some extra money, i will buy one of your paintings. hah.
From: leewelch
cheers, yeah will be putting more up soon. nice paintings. its funny we're both from Ky.
From: Cory
One word.. WOW! Your stuff is so amazing! I love that you have some of the most classic movie stars with some of the new (Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman) Keep doing what you are doing and never give up!
From: Justin Simpson
As one of the Artists on this sight I think we don't take for granted the chance to look at other people's work. I actually took the chance to look at your work and I think you could be one of the world's most recognized pop artists. I was particularly amused by your Billie Holiday painting, and your Audrey Hepburn. Keep up the good work and I hope you get somewhere.
From: Gigi
Great work for such a young age. Keep up the awesome works of art! :)
From: Cyn
i'm a young aspiring artist in montreal, and i just wanted to comment on how much i LOVE your painting of Garden State. That was my favourite movie of 2004 and you captured it beautifully. keep up the good work!
From: Laura
i came across this when looking at eternal sunshine communities on live journal, your portfolio is really amazing! i really love pop art, garden state, and old movie stars and your pieces are absolutely perfect. your abstract pieces are really wonderful too. did you go to school for art? if so where? i'll be heading off to art schoool myself next year.
From: Nando Perez
I purchased a piece last Fall (One Unique Moment) and it is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled to show off your work (and will continue to with some future purchases). Also, it reminds me of times in NY after my recent move to FL.
From: Venice
Absolutely wonderful!
From: david farmer
Very Impressive! Your uncle Ken in Danville, KY. suggested I take a look. My stuff: millerfineart.com.
From: Natacha
What a wonderful work! First, I love the film Moulin Rouge(Indeed I am french) then, Garden state is my favourite film of the year. Furthermore, the paintings have something of very real, at several crucial moments of the films. Bravo en esp?ant voir d'avantages de peintures.
From: Dan Neville
Hi, I'm a year 11 student doing my gcse final exam and during my artist reference i came across your work witch is a great cross between my original ideas colour design and 70's, your back grounds on the Bono peace and the Chocolate factory peace realy fit in to what i was looking at. I was wondering if you could give any tips or anything that would help, I would be very greatful. Many thanks Dan
From: Sharoon Reed
Megan, Your work is wonderful! I love the painting Caroline has, but thought it was a fluke...just kidding...You are incredibly talented.

Artist Information:
Name   : Megan Lee W.
Location: Winter Park  
  United States
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