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From: Dr.Satish K TREHAN
this concept to discribe the emotions by the artist are very touching...these to me are the feelings which come from within, wish I could be a millionth of her expressions. I wish her every sucess and love her for expressing the deepest emotions from deep within. May God bless her and let her deepest emotinos be expressed for all of us, who can emote, but can't express.
From: Ryan Hood
Great Artwork. Love it!
From: Sonja Czyron
Wonderful artwork! Especially the Escaping glas!
From: sean hood
the best art of all spectrums
From: G?ter Wehrmann, German Consul General, Kolkata
Thank you for opening a new window on art for me. Very inspirational work!
From: Nicolas Blasquez, Director, The French Association, Kolkata
A great artist for a new place. Inspiration is there..
From: Tandra Chanda, Glass Artist, Kolkata
As a glass artist I am very much excited to see Melanie's works. It is a very new work for me.
From: Prof. Biman B.Das, Kolkata
My heartiest congratulations. This is excellent solo show with contemporary essence.
From: Prasanta Daw, Art Critic, Kolkata
New & novel attempt in executions which creates new assthetic appeal.
From: Gourab Paul, Kolkata
Paintings are of great coneptual standards.
From: Mariam Fatima Islam, Kolkata
Brilliant! Very simplistic & effective use of strokes/splashes/splodges. The mini sculptures are delicate and beautifully done. Very different from the rest. I wish there were more of them on display! My favourites are "The Eye", "The California Poppies" and the sculpture "Three".
From: Prof. Dr. Nirmalya Mukherjee, Astrologer, Kolkata
Excellent. The "Venus" is very good & meaningfull.
From: Gopa Kundu, Kolkata
I am delighted by your paintings and installations. Thank you!
From: Ashok Kumar Dey, Artist, Kolkata
Very nice works.
From: Oindrila Dutta, Artist, Kolkata
From: Pinaki Acharyya, Painter, Kolkata
Excellent Paintings. Thank you.
From: Jitesh Patwasi, Kolkata
Its amazing and wonderful.
From: Debabrata Chakrabarti, Kolkata
Very nice & lyrical exhibition
From: Debashis Bhattacharya, Kolkata
Perception is innovative and impressive.
From: N.C.Bhattaxharjee, Kolkata
Painting of difference. Specially glass made articles are exceptionally good and innovative idea.Happy seeing. Thanks for such good show.
From: Sutupa Mukherjee, Kolkata
It is a very new, interesting and inovative exhibition
From: Debashish Sarkar, Kolkata
A new dimension of Paintings
From: Prasun Mukherjee, Commissioner of Police, Kolkata
We are all really happy to be able to watch some of these new forms of paintings. The "Eye" is beautiful
From: Anil Mittal, Kolkata
It is very intersting experience while going through the paintings- The Eye is mostm intriguing and arresting.
From: Monidipa Mukherjee, Kolkata
A new dimension of art. Very interesting and different.
From: Sajid Hussain, Kolkata
Interesting and different. Specially the treatment of the flowers. All the best to Malanie.
From: Piyal Mandal, Kolkata
These paintings are beautiful and we are enjoying it. It has something new.
From: Husn Ara Begum, Advocate High Court, Calcutta
Great Creativity. Keep it up
From: Tannistho & Priyanka, Kolkata
Inspiring work
From: Subrata Paul (Sculpture) Kolkata
Excellent work
From: Sudipta Majumdar (Artist) Kolkatta
Good work
From: Amijt Kumar Sarkar (Artist), Kolkata
very very good
From: M.Mitra, Kolkata
Very impressive specially the women figure.
From: Apretim Ghosh, Kolkata
From: Sanjib Chattopadhyay, Railway Official, Kolkata
Thank you. I felt different.
From: Barkha Sisodia. Kolkata
Amazing work, liked the experiment with salt a lot. Will surely use as tips in future.
From: Tapan Mitra, Kolkata
Very good expressive works. I like those particularly those made of glass. All the best. Thanks.
From: Ashok Mukherjee, Kolkata
I am sure people of Calcutta will enjoy this nice exhibition of paintings
From: Radhim Datta, Kolkata
Wonderful works.Wish u all the very very best show in Calcutta
From: Suman Midya, Kolkata
Eye-I like, Idear Man & Woman- what I think. Soft paintings are always soft, Bright colors never make them hard!
From: Susanta Malllick & Tanima Mallick, Kolkata
Excellent & Interesting
From: Syed Tanvir Hussain; Kolkata
Simple yet deep! Very elegant yet striking! Loved the California Poppies especially California Poppies (Red). Wish we could get to see more of your creations. All the very best!
From: Sculpture Sudarsan Pal, Kolkata
From: Sudip Gangopadhyay, Kolkata
Make it an annual event. All the best.
From: Debasis Basu, Kolkata
Beautiful exhibition. This should have received due Press Publicity.
From: Kaushin Pal /Sculptor) Kolkata
From: Dipankar Biswas, Kolkata
Excellent and really innovative, touch the mind
From: Syed Zakir Hussain, Retired Bureaucrat, Kolkata
Impressive and appealing. Best of luck.
From: Shyama Das, Kolkata
From: Kavita Aggarwal, Kolkata
Its very dynamic and awesome.
From: Ms. Bratasr Biswas
Its beautiful All the best for your future. Love U.
From: Chandan Bhan Doroil (Sculpture) Kolkata
Exhibition very good.
From: Sounak Chacraverti, Kolkata
Wish you all the very best for this show in Kolkata.
From: Ulrich Otto, German in Kolkata
Nice being here and see beautiful pictures. All the best for the artist.
From: Ilse Das Mahapatra, German in Kolkata
Very interesting, innovative, impressing
From: Ruth Saha, German in Kolkata
A very interesting painting exhibition of modern art. Hope we will have more of that kind in Salt Lake.
From: Sujon Chanda, German in Kolkata
Eine ?erraschung! Wirklich! Thank you for being able to look at your pictures!
From: Utpal SenGupta, Kolkata
The first time I visualised the paintings of the artist Melanie absolutely enthrilled by her water color works.
From: Krishna Shankar (Odissi Dancer) Kolkata
Excellent. I wish you success in life.
From: Indrani SenGupta, Kolkata
Experimental various works.
From: Kirti Damani, Kolkata
Very nice, especially the heart.
From: Anil Mittal, Kolkata
It is very interesting experience while going through the paintings-The EYE is the most intriguing and arresting.
From: Sajid Hussain, Kolkata
Interesting & different. Specially the treatment of the folwers. All the best to Melanie.
From: Koushin Pal (Sculptor), Kolkata
From: Armin Evers, Kaiserslauterer Kunstmaler
Deine Arbeiten sind die geballte Kraft und Ausdruck der Seele. Diese Kunstobjekte geben etwas von Deinem innersten an uns weiter und bereichern unser Leben. Armin Evers
From: Tanima Bhattacharya , Artist , Kolkata
Very nice works.............. I wish your success in every field.

Artist Information:
Name   : Melanie Richter-Hood
Location: Kreuzau  
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