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Rogerio Silva

Biography: Rogerio Silva born in 1962 in Lisbon, Portugal. Studys of painting and drawing in National Society of Fine Arts - Lisbon, Studys of drawing in ARCO - Lisbon, Studys of Art Print in Cooperativa Diferen? - Lisbon. Teacher of painting and drawing - 2004 /2005.
My paintings talk about the moments when we look the things all around us and that things stop in front of us has a photo memories. In a group of paintings it looks like a story, a narrative of a movie, our memories of youth. One by one they capture our attention and put our phisical body into them
RogerioSilva Lisbon 1962 Group Exhibitions 2004 "EUROVACAS"  LISBOA  Galeria Novo S?ulo 2003 FAC 2003  Lisboa  Galeria Novo S?ulo 2002 FAC 2002  Lisboa  Galeria Novo S?ulo 2001 ARCO 2001  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo FIAC 2001  Lisboa  Galeria Novo S?ulo 2000 ARCO 2000  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo FAC 2000  Lisboa  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1999 ARCO 99  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo FAC 99  Lisboa  Galeria Novo S?ulo FIIC / Gala BOSCH  Convento do Beato "Percep?es perante a doen? de Alzheimer" Centro Cultural de Bel? 1998 ARCO 98  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo Artistas e Brinquedos  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1997 ARCO 97  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo MARCA Madeira 97  Galeria Novo S?ulo FAC 97  Lisboa  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1996 ARCO 96  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1995 ARCO 95  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo Forum Atl?tico  Santiago de Compostela 1994 ARCO 94  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1993 ARCO 93  Madrid  Galeria Novo S?ulo NICAF Yokohama 93  Japao  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1992 Arte com Timor  Pal?io Galveias  Lisboa NICAF Yokohama 92  Japao  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1991 Tokio Art Expo  Japao  Galeria Novo S?ulo 1989 Pr?io Soctip Jovens Pintores  Lisboa 1988 I Bienal de Gravura  Amadora " Un million d`Images"  Estrasburgo  Fran? 1987 III Bienal de Chaves I Bienal de Sintra Pequeno formato  Galeria Monumental  Lisboa 1986 V Bienal V. N. Cerveira Solo Exhibitions 2004 "Gabinetes Secretos" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 2003 "O estado alterado das coisas" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1999 "Sombras de luz"  Desenho Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1997 "Para um corpo pr?mo" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1996 "At?ao fim da Rua" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1995 "Interiores" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1994 "Margem da Saudade" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa "Retrospectiva"  Galeria Quatro  Leiria 1993 "Urbano" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1992 "As estacas, a ponte, as rotas e desvios" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1990 "Procura-me" Galeria Novo S?ulo  Lisboa 1989 "Jogos" Galeria Diferen?  Lisboa 1988 Galeria Monumental  Lisboa Pr?ios 3?Pr?io  Exposi?o Jovens Pintores Galeria Multiface  Lisboa 3?Pr?io  Pr?io Soctip Jovens Pintores Lisboa V?eo 1998 " Envolve " 2?Mostra de V?eo Contempor?eo Videoteca de Lisboa OVARVIDEO III Festival Nacional de V?eo de Ovar

Artist Information:
Name   : Rogerio Silva
Location: Lisbon  
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