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ERNA Antunes

In Brazil Erna Y has worked continuously on her painting, sculpture and tapestry. Her inspiration comes from both nature and humankind. Man is intrinsically connected to nature but is slowly destroying it. With her art Erna wants to bring Man back in contact with nature and its beauty. A return to nature is a return to the love of God and his creation. With her experience Erna was the mentor and organizer of 1st Cultural and Arts Festival of Ouro Preto and Mariana (Brazil) in July, 1965 - the very first festival of its kind held in Brazil. Since then the Mariana and Ouro Preto Festival is held yearly and served as model for art festivals throughout Brazil. Her art (paintings and tapestries) is exposed in private collections in Yugoslavia, Portugal, Japan, Australia, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France,Jordan, India and Brazil. Erna Y has been a member of the Brazilian Fine Arts Academy since 1970, and shortly thereafter she received the Pedro Américo Gold Medal of Honor. In May, 2008 she was honored with the MEDAL OF VERMEIL by the French Societé Académique des Arts, Sciences et Lettres founded in 1915.
"Is so deeply identified with the arts, paintings, sculpture and tapestry, that in all these manifestations creating beauty, her soul reflects itself in poetry, in pure sense of aesthetic, in ecstasy of spirituality. In her hands the brush acquires an extraordinary strength of expression, the inert material talks, sings, moves itself in the colours, takes from the past, from the plastic arts, from the mystic inspirations, from the saints, from the icons, impressive revelations of her multiform talent which places her among today's most perfect fruitful participants of Brazil's artistic patrimony". Austregesilo de Athayde
Erna Antunes Was born in Skopje Macedonia's city, Yugoslavia. To the twelve years made your first painting exhibition in the city of Pancevo, Yugoslavia. Studied the schools of fine arts of Graz of Vienna, in Austria, where graduated. In 1948 studied with Ziskovic, in Graz. Rooted in Brazil since 1949. In 1950 it was naturalized Brazilian. Paintings 1956 - Guest exhibition in the National Society of fine arts in Lisbon, Portugal 1956 - I supply Camara Canto - 1 panel. 1957 - Collective in the National Society of fine arts in Lisbon, Portugal. 1957 - Guest in the Salao Silva Porto, City of Porto, Portugal. 1959 - Guest in the Brazilian Association of Press (ABI), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 1960 - Ministry of Education and Culture - Brasilia - 3 panels. 1965 - Guest in the living rooms of the Church of N.S. of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. 1965 - It organized and it accomplished the 1o Festival of Arts of Ouro Preto and Mariana, Minas Gerais. It was the first Festival of Arts accomplished in those cities. 1965 - It founded the school of painting of Mariana MG. 1966 - Gallery Goeldi, Rio de Janeiro - your students' "1a Exhibition THE SMALL PAINTERS OF MARIANA". 1967 - Santa Paula Quitandinha, Petropolis, RJ. Your students' " 2a Exhibition MARIANA'S " SMALL PAINTERS. 1970 - 1a. Your students' of Rio de Janeiro exhibition, in your atelier, in Barra of Tijuca. 1970 - VII Brazilian Living room of fine arts, in ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), Rio de Janeiro. Medal of Gold, 1a.champion. 1970 - Honor prize the Brazilian art, Comenda Pedro Americo, ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). 1976 - Publicity company Hans Noske - Stuttgard, Germany - 2 panels. 1978 - I Reign of Jordania - 1 panel. 1978 - Form Projects and Enterprises, Rio de Janeiro -10 panels. 1978 - This S.A., Rio de Janeiro - 2 panels. 1979 - Church of Santo Agostinho, Barra of Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - 2 panels. 1980 - Triches S.A. - Presidency - Caxias do Sul, RS - 2 panels. 1981 - In July it organized the 1o Cultural Encounter of Barra of Tijuca, in the Sombra Moveis of furniture and Decorations, with the oldest upholsterers' of Rio de Janeiro participation, like Concessa Colaco, Madaleine Colaco. 1985 - Commemorative medal of the Day of the State of Minas Gerais, KNIGHTHOOD OF OFFICIAL, hair important services rendered the community of Mariana's city and Ouro Preto, MG. 1985 - It was jury in the Festival of Art and Culture of Mariana - MG - Special Guest. 1986 - Company Building Irmaos Araujo, Rio de Janeiro - 29 panels. 1988 - It donated a Sculpture for the Orphanage Frei Luiz RJ (picture) - (1.80m /bronze - Woman with children the turn) - RJ. 1990 - Exclusiveness contract with Japan Cretor's Association (JCA) Japan. 1990 - Guest to expose in the Gallery Sings to sleep, Curitiba, PR. 1991 - Guest to expose in the Gallery Sings to sleep, Curitiba, PR. 1991 - Exclusiveness contract for the production of artistic videos with Digital Reality - Seattle, USES. 1991 - Guest exhibition in the office of Art, Goiania, GO. 1991 - Guest exhibition in the Galeria Epoca, Goiania, GO. 1991 - Mentioned in the book JCA ANNUAL 9 (Japanese Annual, two screens - only Brazilian representative). 1993 - Exhibition in the Galeria Lausanne, Rio de Janeiro. 1996 - Guest to expose in the Gallery Atelier 10. 1997 - Landlady of the Gallery of Arte HC Gallery. 1998 - Guest Sala Jose Braz - Concessionary Volkswagen - I Group Leader - I Recreate Vehicles, (first guest). 1998 - Trophy (photo) for to XVII Day Carioca of Aesthetic Surgery - (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery - Hotel Rio Palace, RJ) - Dr. Farid Hakme, Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. 1999 - Two trophies for to XVIII Day Carioca of Aesthetic Surgery - (Brazilian Society of Surgery Plastic surgery - Hotel Rio Palace, RJ) Dr. Farid Hakme and Dr. Ivo Pitanguy (photo), a homage of the Management of SBCP/RJ. 2000 - Mentioned in the German dictionary - Allgemeines Kunstlerlexikon - edited in Berlin. 2000 - Mentioned in the book of the 50 years of the Brazilian Academy of fine arts -(photo). 2001 - 1st on the way to the Arts of Rio de Janeiro. Atelies open to the public. - Partner of the National Society of fine arts of Lisbon, Portugal. - It possesses several panels in Lisbon, Portugal. - It consists in the Dictionary of the plastic arts in Brazil. - It consists in the Brazilian Dictionary of Plastic Artists. - It was invited to expose your paintings and tapestries in the new headquarters of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL), in Rio de Janeiro, when of your inauguration for the then President Joao Figueiredo that she made to accompany of the former-presidents Ernesto Geisel and Emilio G. Medici. - In the last years it has been presenting your works in your residence, that works as house atelier. - Academic honorary of the Brazilian Academy of fine arts (Advisory Organ of the Federal Government), diploma granted in November of 1969. Busts 1991 - Bust of the Baron of Ayuruoca, founder of Barra Mansa, RJ. ] 1991 - Bust of the Baron of Guapy, Barra Mansa, RJ. Pictures Prof. Austregesilo of Athayde. Prof. Aarao Benchimol. Mrs. Sara Kubistscheck. Former-president Janio Quadros. Ambassador Camara Canto. Carlos Manga - Film director Mrs. Gilded Suzete. Mrs. Maria Helena Peres. Archbishop of Belo Horizonte. Archbishop of Mariana - D. Oscar. Archbishop of I Pay off - Ecuador. Rui Barbosa (ABL). Coelho Neto (ABL). Alcino Guanabara (ABL). Alberto of Oliveira (ABL). Andre Doria (ABL). Joaquim Nabuco (ABL). Machado de Assis (ABL). Medeiros de Albuquerque (ABL). Franklin Doria (ABL). Baroness of Muriae (for the Brazilian Academy of Letters of Campos, RJ). Emperor D.Pedro II. Empress Teresa Cristina. Tapestry - 1968 - 1a Exhibition in the Galeria Fatima Arquitetura and Interiors, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 1969 - Exhibition in the Gallery of Arts of the Company Financial Residence, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 1974 - John Sommer - The Penter Shop, Sao Paulo, SP. 1975 - Gallery Chelsea, Sao Paulo, SP. 1975 - Cluny Tapecarias, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. - Guest in the Iate Clube of Rio de Janeiro - RJ. - It was jury several times of the Living rooms of the Naval Club - RJ. Some possessors of tapestries ERNA - [ Bank of Brazil - Dallas, Texas, USES. Bank of Brazil - Madri, Spain. Bank of Brazil - Valencia, Spain. Bank of Brazil - Vienna, Austria. Bank of Brazil - Zurich, Switzerland. Bank of Brazil - Hong-Kong. Bank of Brazil - International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Bank Kly Winter & Co. - Vienna, Austria. City Bank - Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Support Societe Generale - Paris, France. Support Societe Generale - Nigeria, Africa. Deedy Dress Shop - Ocean Springs, Miss. USA. Group Safeco - Chairman - Seattle, USA. Group Safeco - Presidency - Seattle, USA. Mrs. and Mr. Feullieux - Sadeillan, France (Proprietors of the mansion that belonged to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Imperatriz Josefina) Mechanics Heavy S.A. - Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Mechanics Heavy S.A. - Paris, France. Sheraton Hotel - Boston, USA. Sheraton Hotel - Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Everest Rio Hotel - Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Veplan Residencia - Sao Paulo. Carvalho Hosken S.A. would Engineer and Constructions - Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Former-president of the Republic - Joao Batista de Oliveira Figueiredo. World president of the Coke - it USA. COLLECTIONS: Germany, China, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Ecuador, Kingdom of Jordania, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, USA, France, Africa, England.

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Name   : ERNA Antunes
Location: Rio de Janeiro  
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