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Ramesh k

Born : 18 April 1971,Salem, India Qualification: M.F.A. (Painting) - 1999, B.F.A. (Painting) - 1993, Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, University of Madras, Chennai. Scholarships: Lalit Kala Akademi Research Grant, Chennai - 1995 &1996. Tamilnadu State Akedemi, Chennai - 1998
A brush remembers....... I don't remember exactly, but I think, I found myself in his hands when he was a kid. He did not know how to handle me properly. Still he loved me very much and made a bed for me under his pillow. It was uneasy for me to be in his hands. He used to make me giggle and cry on paper and canvas. I fidgeted at his hands. One fine morning, the situation changed. His hands were under a magic wand and I understood that somebody was teaching him how to handle me. Then after his hands moved precisely without giving me much struggle. I should tell one fact that in this period, I lost the freedom I was having before. He was turned a wizard travelling all the way. When I remember those old days, I feel that the academic studies, stylization and personalizing through creating an outlook gave me an understanding as to how useful this could be to me, as a brush in his hands and to my surrounding as a nature. After 5 long years, I felt breeze, rain and sun. He carried me every where. I did many things on canvas with vigor and with frenzies. I found myself in cinema sets and Ad commercials. My creations exhibited in many cities and I got both applause and shouting. In a way I was happy that people were responding to me. Gone were the days when I was a just brush. Now I am treasured by many. My vigorous works did not long last. I hated instant cinema locations and Paper and TV ads, which are telling lies. I think, he too might have felt the same. Then he started searching for the simplest and easily obtainable natural forms to express my feelings. As I am supposed to be a brush, I was sure that I can express myself through textures, colors and variations in color combinations, if only I am in proper hands. I like landscapes where `nothing happens' - no dramatic sunset or huge clouds rolling through, or deep, spiritual, breathtaking panoramas on the horizon. I paint an island road on a calm, clear day; Tamarind trees by the edge of a field; Coconut palms, rocks and banks, waters, with only a bit of road - here and there some hint of human activity - showing. I am happy to do both Realism and Abstract, but Abstract is what I enjoy the most. My creations are contemplation of nature in a Zen sort of way. And I think he too knows it and moves me in his hands in such a way that produce what you see here.
Solo Exhibitions: Max Mueller Bhavan, Madras - 1994 AirPort Art Gallery , Madras -1996 Lalitkala Akademi , Chennai -1998 Chitraniketan,Trivandrum -2004 Group Shows: Chola Art Gallery, Chola Sheraton - Madras 1993, Airport Art Gallery,Madras -1994-1995 Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai -1996 Lalitkalala Akademi, Chennai - 2002 Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai -2002 Sophisticated Innocence, Belgium - 2003 Lalitkala Akademi, Chennai - 2003 Lakshana Art Gallery,Bangalore - 2003 AIFACS Art Gallery,New Delhi - 2004 Exhibitions Participated: All India Drawing Exhibition, Pondicherry - 1991 College of Arts & Crafts Annuals - 1989, 90 & 97 All India Trade Fair Exhibition, Chennai - 1991 Kalamela Exhibitions, Chennai - 1993, New Delhi - 1994, Bangalore - 1995 Exhibition in aid of Earthquake victims in Maharashtra by Bharath Bhavan, Bhopal - 94 Art Gallery, College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai - 1994 T.N. Arts & Crafts Improvement Association, Chennai - 1994 & 96 T.N.Ovia Nun Kalai Kuzhu, Annual Art Exhibition - 1995-98 Regional Art Exhibitions, Lalit Kala Akademi - 1995&97 Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association Annul Art Exhibition - 1996 Avantika Art Exhibition, Delhi - 1996 50 years of Art in Independence India, AIFACS (State level) Chennai - 1997 LKA -Working Artist Exhibition,Chennai , 2000-02

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Name   : Ramesh k
Location: chennai  
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