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Oscar Garriga

Oscar Garriga `Coragre' (Multifaceted Artist, Catalonia 1961) Creating his artistic universe at the first years 60. With only some few winters illustrates the Catalan popular tale -Patufet- at the school. At the 70 of the hand of the cartoonist Antoni AynŔ (TBO) inducts his first pass at the world of the drawing and the comic, to pursue his surveys -at full teenage rebellion- at the Escola Massana of Barcelona- where learns painting and engraving at the etching- is when wins his timidity that commences at taking part at contests, fairs and expositions showing his ironic and surrealist character -at a time at that the finale of the dictatorship is present at any corner of the country, in spite of lacking still the sufficient liberty of expression- Of this epoch it is necessary to excel his paintings of 'Popsurreal'. Also it assists at the workshops of Comic of Rodolfo Pastor and of Engraving of RaŘl Capitani at the years 80. His facet Rocker and Poetics that commenced at the 70 futile grossing terrain and encouraged to get the 1er prize of the XI Festival de canšˇ de Manlleu (1989) publishes -at the 90- his first LP as a 'Coragre'. It is necessary to pose the accent at his collaboration however at the world of the radio, at Radio Matarˇ (at the years 80) and at Radio Arenys, Radio In spite of and Radio Cerdanyola (at the years 90) With the new century and seizing a new impulse takes part at the itinerant expositions of the Supermarket of Art 'American Prints' (Mallorca, Barcelona, At Corunya, Valladolid, Bilbao and Madrid). At the 2003 realises his portal Web 'Imaginary' at present 'Coragre Art' and exposes his drawings and illustrations at virtual galleries of half world (Saatchi Gallery of London, Artelista of Catalonia, Voodoochilli of England, Sito of Nebraska, Toonpool of Berlin, Fine Art America of Ohio, Art Majeur and Art Quid of France) -among many others- likewise takes part at events and expositions of orderly Visual Poetry for 'Boek 861' and of Digital Art, being finalist of the MIAD 2006 of Argentina and participant at the `Salˇn of Arte Digital' editions of the 2008 at 2013 of Maracaibo,Venezuela. Also at several samples of the Festival Internazionale di Arte Digitale MIDAC 'Ventipertrenta' in Italy and Mexico (2011at 2018) taking part at bottom of Art of the Museum MIDAC (Belforte of the Chienti, Italy) Also has been included at the encyclopedia `LEXICON DER PHANTASTISCHEN KUNTSLER' (with 2 editions 2009/2013) -specialised at fantastic and surrealist Art- of the writer, publisher and curator Austrian, Gerhard Habarta; Of the 2006 at the 2011 published the in the humor graphic strip 'Hist˛ries a Cau d'Orella' at the web of the APPEC (Association of periodic publications at Catalan) with what at the 2009 was rewarded at the `2where Contest in the Humor Graphic Sportive' that organised the `Fundaciˇ Catalana per a l'Esport'. Among 2010 and 2012 it edits the books 'Poemagre' a compilation of poems and drawings (of the 1977 at the 2010) and two compilations of the Comic Strip 'Hist˛ries a Cau d'Orella' (Bubok books) Has taken part at his facet of 'Ninotaire' at numerous samples in the Humor Graphic from everywhere in the world as well as some of the Catalan Association 'Caricart'. At the 2011 Realises the video of the Comic 'Mˇn NÓufrag' presented at the Prizes Escobar of Granollers at the 2009. It collaborated at the satirical magazine `El Web Negre' with the Strip 'Condonitis' of the Dr.Coragre (That publishes at the mesh since the 2010). At the 2012 was included at the 'Gran Catalogo de la Historieta' of the magazine web Tebeosfera.How also it has taken part at the in the humor graphic book 'ResCATallats' edited by Angle Editorial, likewise at the 'Guia de Arte Leonardo 2013' . At the 2015 did an individual exposition at Mar Verd Art (Girona). It has taken part at collective samples at the Mas Pi Art of Verges (Girona) (2015 and 2017) coordinated by the artist Jordi Bofill. At the 2016 exposes his Graphic Work at the Llu´sos de GrÓcia (Barcelona). At the 2017 and 2018 takes part at expositions colectives International at Bassel (suissa) and New York (The Artbox projects). Individual exposition at the 2018 at the Mas Pi Verges (Girona). At the last years it is necessary to pose the accent that has realised the graphic design (posters,videos,logos) of groups of Rock 'Tarot' and 'The Hot Rocks' where tracks his bonding at the musical world. more information http://coragre-art.tk
A creative universe "Coragre Art" plagued of visions that are transformed on paper into illustrations, a times of surrealist character, fantastic or of science fiction. "The Art this in my Blood"
Awards 2018 Ventipertrenta 2018, Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2009 2 Concurs d'Humor GrÓfic Esportiu, Barcelona (Catalunya) Publications & Press 2013 Gran Catßlogo de la Historieta, ACT Ediciones 2013 Guia de Arte Leonardo, 1452Arte 2012 Hist˛ries a Cau d'Orella II (Recull de la Tira C˛mica) Bubok Libros 2012 ResCATallats (Humor GrÓfic) Angle Editorial 2011 El C˛mic en CatalÓ (CatÓleg) Ed.GlÚnat 2011 Hist˛ries a Cau d'Orella I (Recull de la Tira C˛mica) Bubok Libros 2010 POEMAGRE (Poemes i Dibuixos) Bubok Libros 2009 Lexicon Der Phantastischen Kuntsler, Gerhard Habarta Solo Expositions 2018 Exposiciˇ Oscar Garriga al Mas Pi Art Verges (Girona/Catalunya) 2016 Exposiciˇ Oscar Garriga als Llu´sos de GrÓcia Barcelona (Catalunya) 2015 Exposiciˇ Oscar Garriga al Mar Verd Girona (Catalunya) 1999 Exposiciˇ de Paisatges L'Antic Correus (Matarˇ/Catalunya) 1997 Exposiciˇ de Paisatges de Catalunya CafŔ 1964 (Barcelona/Catalunya) Collective Expositions 2018 Ventipertrenta 2018 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2018 The Artbox Projects New York, United States 2017 Ventipertrenta 2017 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2017 The Artbox Projects Basel, Switzerland 2017 Mas Pi Art Verges (Girona/Catalunya) 2016 Ventipertrenta 2016 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2015 Mas Pi Art Verges (Girona/Catalunya) 2015 Ventipertrenta 2015 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2014 Ventipertrenta 2014 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2013 10 Salˇn de Arte Digital Maracaibo, Venezuela 2012 Ventipertrenta 2012 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2012 Ventipertrenta Tijuana, Mexico 2011 Humor GrÓfic Contemporani (Caricart) Barcelona 2011 Ventipertrenta 2011 Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2011 9 Salˇn de Arte Digital Maracaibo, Venezuela 2011 III Concurs d'Humor GrÓfic Esportiu, Barcelona (Catalunya) 2010 Psicotrex (Mail Art) Tarragona (Catalunya) 2009 2on Concurs d'Humor GrÓfic Esportiu 2008 Barcelona (Catalunya) 2009 27 Salˇ Internacional del C˛mic Barcelona (Catalunya) 2009 8 Salˇn de Arte Digital Maracaibo, Venezuela 2009 Beatles Weekend l'Estartit (Girona/Catalunya) 2009 3 Mostra d'Humor GrÓfic ValŔncia, Spain 2009 10 Premi Escobar Granollers (Catalunya) 2008 7 Salˇn de Arte Digital Maracaiibo, Venezuela 2006 MIAD 2006 Venado Tuerto, Argentina 2006 Originales Solidarios Diversas Ciudades, Spain 2005 Supermercart American Prints Aeroport de Barcelona (Catalunya) 2004 21 Supermercart American Prints Madrid, Spain 2002 Cartells Festa del CÓntir Argentona (Catalunya) 2002 19 Supermercart American Prints Bilbao y Valladolid, Spain 2001 18 Supermercart American Prints Gran Casino Barcelona i A Corunya, Spain 2000 17 Supermercart American Prints Palme de Mallorca, Spain 1986 1 Mostra del Taller Municipal de Gravat Sala Foment Matarˇ (Catalunya) 1985 Mostra Joves Dibuixants Matarˇ (Catalunya) 1984 Exposiciˇ a la Biga Blava Matarˇ (Catalunya) 1983 Expresiˇn 83 Galeria Tertre (Matarˇ/Catalunya) 1983 3 MiniPrint CadaquÚs (Girona/Catalunya) 1982 IV Biennal de Pintura Jove Barcelona (Catalunya) 1981 Exposiciˇ a l'Escola Massana Barcelona (Catalunya) 1980 Fira del Dibuix Matarˇ (Catalunya)

Artist Information:
Name   : Oscar Garriga
Location: Barcelona  
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