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Born on March 1946 in Dinard (ile & Vilaine) France.He now lives and works in Camargue (South of France) his country of adoption. At only 13 years old,he wins his drawing shownthen keeps on studying and gets a Philosophy's Baccalaureat with distinction.Then he concentrates on arts, studying in Fine Art School in Rennes and Paris. Then searches and studies for the ancient technics in the Italian, Flemish and German Masters. After a brief passing at " la Chaumiere" in paris (1969) with the painter Yves Brayer,he becomes the pupil of the Hungarian painter Paul MAIK.He then gets a Master's Degree in Plastic Art and he concentrates his work on Fantastic,Symbolic,Surrealist themes (1977-1990). He finds a new technic using some ball point-pen ink, obtaining ninety colors declinated by the black,blue,green and red. He will meet the TOFFOLI, SALVADOR DALI, GIGER, GEN PAUL PAINTERS. Since 1990 he made some paintings of the theme of tauromachy and he using mixed technics for a work in futurist and surrealist trend. Now PIERRICK HER'S paintings are based upon ABSTRACT ART,and FIGURATIV MODERN ART Now he's only painting with heating white-hot metal between 250° & 1100 degrees mixed with some Natural and Chemical colors .
PRINCIPALES EXPOSITIONS *1960 Concours de dessin peinture "La Perrine" ( Laval) France *1965 World House Galerie Hôtel Pierre World House Gallery Pierre Hotel (New-York) U.S.A *1966 Galerie Hélène Chartier Helene Chartier Gallery (Laval) France *1967 Exposition au black Horse et Mississippi (Essen) Allemagne Black horse and Mississippi exhibition Germany *1969 Exposition theâtre 53 (Bruxelles) Belgique Theater 53 Exhibition (Brussels) Belgium *1970 Drouot Hôtel des Ventes aux enchères Maître Rheims Drouot general auctions room Rheims of hall work (Paris) *1971-1975 Voyages , se produit en musique, auteur-compositeur interprète Show-happenings in music as composeur writer interpreter *1976 Exposition de Beaulieu-les-loches Church of Beaulieu-les-loches Exhibition (Loches) France Galerie des Rives du Cher The Rives du Cher Gallery (Tours) France Salon des Réalités Nouvelles The New Realities Art Exhibition (paris) france *1977 Gallerie "Art libre" " Art libre" Gallery (Paris) France Salon des Indépendants " Grand Palais " Annual Art Exhibition of Independants "Great Palace Museum (Paris) Salon des Surindépendants Musée du Luxembourg Annual Art Exhibition of Surindependants Luxembourg Museum (Paris) Salon des Artistes français " Grand Palais " The French Painters Annual Exhibition "Great palace Museum" (Paris) *1978 Salon Leonard de Vinci Leonard de Vinci Art Exhibition (Paris) France Exposition Rotary Cloître de la Rochefoucault Rotary Monastery of Rochefoucault Exhibition (France) Galerie "Couleurs d'aujourd'hui" "Couleurs d'aujourd'hui" Gallery (Deauville) France Exposition Internationale "Musée Galliera" "Museum Galliera" International Exhibition (Paris) France Salon des Artistes du Saumurois Saumurois Painters Annual Exhibition (Saumur) France Salon International "Art Europa" International Art Exhibition "Art Europa" (Colmar) France E.N.F.R.A.C rencontre internationale International Meeting E.N.F.R.A.C (Turin) Italie Académie Internationale de Lutèce Lutece International Academy (Paris) France Salon International de Karlsruhe Allemagne Annual Exhibition of Karlsruhe Germagny 172ème Rotary International 172th International Rotary (Thouars) France *1979 Grand théâtre de tours exposition Major Theater of tours exhibition (Tours) France Galerie Saint-André Saint-André Gallery (Chatellerault) France Bibliothèque Georges Duhamel Georges Duhamel Library (Mantes-la-Jolie) France Galerie Mandragore Internationale Expo Permanente Mandragore International Gallery Permanent Exhibition (Paris) Nouveau salon de Paris N.S.P New Annual Art Exhibition of Paris N.S.P Galerie "Doria" (Naples) Italie "Doria" Gallery (Napoli) Italy *1980 Galerie Mandragore Internationale Vernissage-Exposition Mandragore International Gallery Varnishing-Exhibition (Paris) France *1981 Commande deux grandes toiles Collection Privée Private Collection Command Two Big Canvas (Tel-Aviv) Israël *1982 Salon du Fantastique The Fantastic annual Art exhibition ( Mantes-la-Jolie) France *1983 23ème Salon d'Art de Mantes 23rd Annual Art Exhibition (Mantes-la-Jolie) France *1984 Salon Culturel Georges Brassens Georges Brassens Annual Exhibition (Mantes-la-Jolie) France *1985 Académie Internationale de Lutèce Lutece International Academy (Paris) France *1986 Salon de Saint Luc Saint Luc Annual Art Exhibition (Chatellerault) France *1987 Galerie d'Art "Point cardinal" "Point Cardinal" Art Gallery (Perpignan) France "Expo 21" "21 Exhibition" (Canet-en-Rousillon) France Nova Galerie Nova's Gallery (Perpignan) France *1990 Hôtel des ventes aux enchères Maître Robert Juge General Auctions Room Robert Juge of All work (Angoulème) France Galerie de l'Hôtel de ville Town Hall Gallery (Le Boulou) France *1991 Galerie "la Selva" "The Selva" gallery (Saint-Maur) France Galerie Hôtel de Ville Town Hall Gallery (Lons-Le-Saulnier) France *1992 Galerie "Anima G" Ministère des Communications "Anima G" Gallery Ministery of Communications (Quebec) Canada *1993 Galerie d'Art "Centre Castelnau" Castelnau Art Center Gallery (Montreal) Canada *1994 Galerie d'Art Kergariou Kergariou Art Gallery (Quimper) France *1995 Galerie Saint-Louis Saint-Louis Gallery (Sete) France *1996 Hôtel de Ville Galerie Town Hall Gallery (Castenaud-le-lez) France *1997 Salon des peintres Saint-Laurentais Saint-Laurentais Painters Annual art exhibition (St-Laurent d'Aigouze) France *1998 Siège de la production "Films du diamant" expo permanente "Films du diamant" production head office, permanent art exhibition 'Paris) *1999 Galerie d'Art contemporain Contemporary Art Gallery (Versailles) Paris Salon de Mudaison Mudaison Art exhibition (Mudaison) France *2000 Cloître des Capucins Monastery of the Capucins (Aigues-Mortes) France *2001 Cave des Ducs de Castries Ducs de Castries Wine Cellar (Beziers) France J.B. Galerie Catherine Guillaud Catherine Guillaud J.B. Gallery (Lezignan) France Cloître des Capucins RETROSPECTIVE 1962-2001 (Aigues-Mortes) FR Salon International "Art Inter" Annual International exhibition "Art Inter" (Arles) 40e Salon de Beaucaire Beaucaire 40th annual exhibition (Beaucaire) France *2002 Salon International Shanghaï Art Fair (Shanghaï) Chine Galerie Laurence Durrell RETROSPECTIVE 1962-2002 Laurence Durrell Art Gallery (Sommières) France *2003 Galerie Azur - Exposition permanente Azur Gallery - Permanent exhibition (St-Paul de Vence) France Galerie du Marais Exposition permanente Marais Art Gallery Permanent exhibition (Les Saintes-Maries de la mer) Galerie Azur Art français - exposition permanente Azur French Gallery - Permanent exhibition (Naples) U.S.A. Galerie du Régent Regent Art Gallery (Aigues-Mortes) France *2004 Galerie Nicolas Lasserre Nicolas Lasserre Gallery (Aigues-Mortes) France *2005 Salon d'Aimargues Annual exhibition of Aimargues (Aimargues) France Salon International Shanghaïmart Shanghaïmart International Art exhibition (Shanghaï) Chine *2006 Exposition Salle Jacques Serre Jacques Serre Room Exhibition (Aimargues) France Galerie Didier et Brigitte Angot La Trocante Didier and Brigitte Angot Gallery The Trocante (Nimes) France Salon International Shanghaïmart (Shangaï) Chine Galerie Nancy - Exposition permanente Nancy's Gallery - Permanent exhibition (Shanghaï) Chine *2007 Galerie Nancy - Exposition permanente Nancy's Gallery - Permanent exhibition (Shanghaï) Chine Salle Georges Brassens Georges Brassens Room exhibition (Aimargues) France *2008 14eme Salon des Arts 14th Annual Art exhibition (Aimargues) France Galerie Nancy - Exposition permanente Nancy's Gallery - Permanent exhibition (Shanghaï) Chine *2009 Artistes du Sud Exposition France-Espagne The South artists Exhibition Spain-France (Aimargues) France Galerie Nancy - Exposition permanente Nancy's Gallery - Permanent exhibition (Shanghaï) Chine *2011 Artistes du monde Exposition Internationale - Palais des festivals (Cannes) *Vente aux enchères Drouot Paris (France) Drouot General auctions room Maître Bertrand Fraisse *2012 56éme Salon International des beaux-Arts de Beziers 56eme International room of fine Art exhibition Beziers France

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Location: AIMARGUES  
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