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My name is RADOSTINY DIMITROFF. I am an ART-MANAGER of BECARELLI COUNT DUSSI - THE ARTIST , who is one the very talented painters of Europe. The Artist BECARELLI was born on 13th February 1972 in Sofia. He took his high degree with EXCELLENT results in specialty ??ine ceramics and glasses?? BECARELLI - THE ARTIST is a direct descendant and heir of the famous ARTISTIC BECARELLI FAMILY,from Italy, who have preserved so far, the best from what is characteristic of the Italian artistic tradition. Members of the family immigrated in 1920 to Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv, where they exclusively concentrated their work on artistic decorations of architectural monuments, emblematic for Bulgaria of the period then such as churches, social buildings, monumental sculptures etc. Through his artwork BECARELLI - THE ARTIST expresses the best qualities of the Italian family artistic tradition and at the same time possesses an exceptional originality, which builds him up as an ingenious Artist. His paintings are distinguished for their conceptual depth, delicate structure, and colorful palette. The means of expression that BECARELLI uses are a lot. Originality and aspiration for new art performance are some of his characteristics. BECARELLI believes that his paintings show positive ness and strength which is affirmed by many of his colleagues and critics. I hope that You would appreciate the qualities of the paintings by yourselves. RADOSTINY DIMITROFF - ART-CRITIC AND ART-MANAGER ====================================== PUBLIC ACTIVITIES OF BEKARELLI COUNT DUSSI - THE ARTIST : ====================================== On 01.03.1999 STOYAN BEKARELLI - THE ARTIST established"St.Stefan" Foundation. STOYAN BEKARELLI - THE ARTIST thought of this idea after having considered the trends and essence of his work, Which complete an entire spiritual philosophical and materially constructed art work. The major activity of "St.Stefan" Foundation include the following: Support and assistance of the Bulgarian education, culture, art; to assist and promote the education, training and professional progress as well as personal realization; to promote and support art, to help the spread and popularization of the achievements in the scope of education, culture and social activities; to help the establishing of conditions for education in charity environment, humanism ; to assist the realization of effective partner work in the foundation sphere of work; to help the spotting of young talented people in the above-mentioned scopes as well as to encourage their work and progress. The financing of the charity is carried out by BEKARELLI - THE ARTIST solely through the sale of his works. Whoever wishes to get more detailed information both about the work and the financial provision and expenses of "St.Stefan" Foundation, may check the numerous available idea projects which STOYAN BEKARELLI - THE ARTIST aims at gradually bringing to life and realization. RADOSTINY DIMITROFF - ART-CRITIC AND ART-MANAGER E-MAIL : artdialogue@37.com
LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION OF STOYAN BECARELLI COUNT DUSSI - THE ARTIST: ================================= BECARELLI'S ARTISTIC WORLD ================================= Honestly, I have never heard about BEKARELLI - THE ARTIST, till the moment I had the chance to come upon two volumetric photo-albums of his art. The most stunning about them, was their strange sounding and also the expressionism, which seems to be one of the most adequate methods for being in touch with the harsh disasters, characterizing our modern times and the deep state of human mind. His bold red-and-black paintings have a specifically dramatic expression and show the author?? sensuality and vulnerability. In addition, they gave the idea of lyric, so typical for the painters from Burgas. According to Stoyn Bekarelli, he is a painter from Burgas,although he was born in Sofia. The sea, the artistic atmosphere of Burgas, where he spent his childhood, gave a considerably reflection to his works. As a result of it, the brave author, by the means of his art, holds the idea, looking for some new and unconventional ways in art, giving to him more freedom, but also more self-confidence of the artist, legalizing the aesthetic standards of his time. A few young painters have clear artistic tendency to follow. Stoyan Bekarelli ?? THE ARTIST definitely has got. The idea of his art aims not to create the visible, but to create a world of his own, subordinated to its own rules an visions. According to the painter, contemporary art is too much devoted to studio, and by being set aside from people, has become unrealized. ??o make an art is a gift: for all of us, but most of all for love and beauty, and true people?? relationships.??The painter says. And a matter of fact, understanding Stoyan Bekarelli?? art, we can feel this unifying moment, which like a nerve, goes through every painting of his. Titles like "Bridges of The Time", ??epths and Lays Red?? ??oing into the nature of Sun?? etc, gives his themes a philosophical tang. The coloring, coming from the dark to black tunes, to the ??inging??red-going above all, creates a spirit of mysticism. If we look at each one of his paintings and their spontaneous compositions, we will see with few exceptions, where the human figure is slightly hinted, the author has set great store by pure abstraction in images, showing out his thoughts and ruminations. That point of wiev brings the drama and intention in his paintings, which is most of all as a commodity of his intuition, than of his thesis. From that point of wiev only, we are able to realize the depth of his paintings. It is not synonymous at all and could be taken not only like a from of art, but also like a philosophy. Because, according to the painter- ??he role of art is to bring us goodness, to ask questions, but absolutely not to bring us negative emotions?? Stoyan Bekarelli?? art gives the matter of thinking about the intimacy and contrast with traditions, about the way and searching of the young generation of painters, about finding an area and a re-echo for their art in our modern society. Bright, strong, expressive are the paintings of BECARELLI. They reveal a lightning of feelings, emotions, creative temperament, as well as genuine sincerity, confession of a creator with clearly built up ideological parameters and program; an incredible harmony of youth energy and discipline. Stoyan Bekarelli ?? THE ARTIST is of the young generation of painters for whom the art is not only an aesthetic need. It is first of all a herald of fresh ideas in the society. That is why his paintings hide an original cipher provoking the spectator to spiritual brightness and ideological tolerance. In the town of Burgas where in the studio of the painter his paintings come into the world one after another and he demonstrates high technical exactingness, creative self-confidence and succession in developing his ideas.Without being comprehensive he outlines the theme as an art suggestion only and invites the spectator to accept and develop it, to participate in the creative act by himself. In his newest creation the painter works out the theme ??ar and Peace??in its visible and hidden side. It is about the unbridled aggression of war and the quiet humbleness and inside peace of man bearing creativeness and harmony. Penka Sedlarska - ART CRITIC and CURATOR of " CITY ART GALLERY " of BURGAS CITY ============================================== ART NEWS FOR ART PROJECTS OF STOYAN BECARELLI COUNT DUSSI - THE ARTIST : ============================================== STOYAN BECARELLII'S ART PROJECT " WAR AND PEACE - THE BEST OF " STOYAN BECARELLI?? ART PROJECT ??WAR AND PEACE - THE BEST OF ?? On 18.12.2003 to 20.03.2004 in " Artdialogue " Art Gallery in the city of Sofia , Stoyan Bekarelli Count Dussi ?? THE ARTIST inaugurated his serial charity one-man exhibition. It is dedicated to the events of 11 September. There are few undertakings in the area of the modern art, which express to such an extent in such a stubborn and extremely picturesque way the state of the world. I have the great pleasure to present to all art connoisseurs the new art-project " WAR AND PEACE - THE BEST OF " of Bekarelli ?? THE ARTIST - the visible and hidden side of this philosophical and social subject. Idea for the uncontrollable, destructive aggression of the war, opposed to the quiet humbleness and peace of person?? mind, bearing creativity and harmony. The exhibition influences as a whole ?? when it is thought over and undergone. There are moments of high decibels but also of peace and rest, having a lot of messages and questions ?? to everybody and personally to every one. About the pain, compassion, aggression, war between us and inside us. There are problems of universal and personal nature at the exposition. The questions are difficult ?? the answers are much more difficult because they are personally engaged. Contrast in the contrast, colour in the colour, form in the form, these are the most general artistic factors, which characterize the new exhibition of The Artist Stoyan Bekarelli. The internal vision of the author is marked by stable social and philosophical positions with regard to the world, person, mystic matters and gradating spatial borders between them. The pictures of Bekarelli depict the real state of the world, bear an extreme social force and reveal the author as a person having a wide-broad perimeter of thinking. The Artist Bekarelli is one of the few artists who preaches about the social significance of the art. Stoyan Bekarelli is an Artist for whom the art is not only an aesthetic need but most of all a bearer of the fresh ideas in the society. Therefore his pictures hide an original cipher, which provokes the viewer towards spiritual intelligence and tolerance of principles. Bekarelli?? backgrounds always gradate in the space, which the sketched forms impose to such an extent that a given exhibition composed of necessity by several pictures drawn together, which we hesitate to call ??eries?? because each one contains all the others and can be distinguished from them and will be regarded as a transition between ephemeral borders, covering one continuous big background. An impression provoked by the specific way of pictures handing and the often unexpected formats, which make the viewer move his regard constantly, put him in an exactly semi-momentary position, in order to percept more spontaneously the attitude of the picture to one bigger entity. Whatever one say, not the series of different pictures??formats produce this effect, it is contained in each one work but the fact that Stoyan Bekarelli ?? THE ARTIST has always been working on a group of pictures should not be underestimated. Tracks shower the surface of the pictures. And these tracks are of different directions. They namely add dynamic character to the surface. They have nothing to do with the mechanical precision of the comb used by the cubists. In this case one large brush engraves in the paints multiple uneven fin tracks of different nuances. One specific tonality is being created below the regard. Sometimes these tracks are opposed to smooth surfaces, evenly laid colours, deletions, interruptions and hushes ?? a determined rhythm. By the way the construction of the picture depends on the direction of the tracks, the unevenness of the material. According to the light, which falls and the place from where we are watching the pictures, some light surfaces look dark and on the contrary, but they are always in one and the same order or disorder, typical of each picture. The tension, equilibrium, and dynamic rhythm are present. The picture arises below the regard, even in the moment of the regard itself. The light is one of the basic elements in the work of The Artist Bekarelli. The artist draws without an easel, upright, the picture stands on the flooring itself, in full daylight. Upright in front of the picture this is a peculiar form of struggle with it. To catch the light, typical of the subject, regardless of whether there is a question of head or body, in order to underline it and for this purpose to give priority to the gesture. To add constantly, to scrape, to pile up in layers this resistant material, to emphasizes further on the colours without drawing attention to the time because the work connected with the picture could be renovated in every one moment and this could continue for years. Here the material nature itself of the picture surrounds you. In this way you create one entity saturated with rich power from simple elements. The message of the exhibition and art-project " WAR AND PEACE - THE BEST OF " is:" The art should take its well-deserved place in the society. It not only reflects but also models the destiny ". The pictures of Stoyan Bekarelli ?? THE ARTIST represent an artistic provocation. Let tear away from the stereotypes of our time and take the infinite way of artistic discovery, where the peace and war, love and hatred direct their eternal questions with regard to the new interpretation and if there is something that we could expect from the artist, this is the realization of his great idea of raising the role of art and transforming the picture into an irreplaceable interlocutor for the modern person. R. Dimitroff : Could one say that the simplicity goes together with certain strictness ? S.Bekarelli : If in connection with some of these pictures we have connected in meaning simplicity with strictness, we had also talked about richness and sensuality. It depends on the viewer as well. R.Dimitroff : Does one picture have need compulsorily of regard of the other, to meet with his/her sensuality ? S.Bekarelli : The picture once exposed in front of the eyes starts its real life of a picture. And it will turn - first for me - into something different from what it has been before. The life of a picture is being determined by the others as well, those who have seen it. Stoyan Bekarelli ?? THE ARTIST is one the few European artists who financed the established by him charity organization " St. Stefan " by the beauty of his works and by the funds obtained by his pictures??sale. On 1 March 1999 Bekarelli established " St. Stefan Foundation ". Mr.Bekarelli have reached to that idea after having though over the objective and nature of work that fulfill one complete spiritual, philosophical and materially established work. Basic business activity of " St. Stefan Foundation " includes the following: - to cooperate and support the education, culture, art; - to cooperate and support the upbringing and education as well as the professional development and personal realization; - to encourage the creative process, to cooperate for the achievements spreading in the area of education, culture and social activity; - to cooperate for the establishments of conditions for education in charity, humanism and to cooperate for active international exchange and effective mutual activity in the area of action of the foundation; - to cooperate for the discovery, encouragement and developments of new talents in the indicated areas. The assessment of critics and public for ART - PROJECT " WAR AND PEACE - THE BEST " - as separate . Web site of Mr. Bekarelli is : http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/e/explosionofarts Radostiny Dimitroff - Art Critic and Curator of ??Art Dialogue Gallery ?? E-mail : artdialogue@mail.bg ============================================ MESSAGES,AGRESSIVE AND WARNING ============================================ "War and Peace" is the name of the new independent exhibition of Stoyan Bekarelli , a young and undoubtedly talented artist. The exhibition was presented in the City Fine Art Gallery of Burgas. It acts upon entirely ,thought over and lived through. There are moments of loud decibels, but also of silence and calmness, with lots of messages and questions. To all and personally to each one of us. About the pain, about the empathy , about the aggression - the war among us and inside us...Especially about the war inside us - against the spiritual emptiness and indifference. Against the mediocrity, against the reluctance for change .And about the humane - that makes us active. About the peace inside us. The works of Stoyan Bekarelli are provocative as shape and colour. A pulsing expression reaching to aggression . Even to a crudeness, because the creative expression is almost instantaneous, like erupting. The paints are a lava formatting itself, calmly streaming or layer powerful. It brings a lot of emotionality and power - a modern and free form of expression. And also uncovering of the soul, that assumes and looks for the same in the audience. But it's a dialogue about the true sense of life and the reason for its grayness. At The Exposition there is an interweaving of problems common to all mankind and of personal character. The questions are difficult ,but the answer are more difficult, because they too personally promising. Through the activity of his foundation "St. Stefan" Mr. Bekarelli gives an answer to many of these gathered questions. He proves in an irrefutable way his position and human empathy. A lot of people have received his help and compassion and mostly faith in good. Faith in peace! Homes for old people ,orphanages - that is something that deserve to be supported, and for the finding a shelter here - to ask awkward questions. Many are mad for materiality- the questions are to them too. To help, to give a little joy to the downtrodden!... To feel the tears of joy and gratitude in their eyes. Not to lose the faith in good...In God. Under the power of the talent he has, the artist lead himself by the inside pulsations -intention to express himself vividly, boldly. A necessity , that he can't live without it...The colours and the shapes are harsh and primary, but that is his power. Youth, energy and thought - merged in one. That is The Artist Stoyan Bekarelli , individual explosively , aggressive in his expression, without being a slave to stereotypes. He uncovers his soul, he asks questions, sometimes awkward. And he's waiting for an answer. Not for himself! The titles of his works are the key to the essence of these messages - pictorial erupting. The square of the canvas is in dissonance with the expressive shape and the vivid coloring. Aggression and Peace in the World, inside us - with the pains, passions and victims - all that lives in his works. The message , coming from the title of the exhibition ,it seems to carry the idea itself: to defeat the evil, to have Peace. To be the love - that God gave us for our existence of The Earth. Yordan Petrov "A Sea" - Magazine ====================================
EXPOSITION BIOGRAPHY ========================================== 1. Group Exhibition: 15.03.-15.04.1996 'Art 3' Gallery - Valense,France 2. Group Exhibition: 26.08.-27.09.1997 'Artotheque' Gallery - Annecy,France 3. 02.04.-28.04.1998 'Arthouse' Gallery - Varna 4. Group Exhibition: 10.09.-22.10.1999 'Villa du Parc' - Annemasse,France 5. 17.11.-06.12.1999 'Burgas' Gallery- the city of Burgas; Title:'The Sea as Universe' 6. Participation in Amsterdam Art fair 1999 7. Participation in Kunstmarkt ?? Dresden 1999 8. Participation in Art fair ?? Zurich 2000 9. 04.08.-12.09.2000 - 'Vitosha' Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: 'Spring - Summer' 10. 12.12.2000-12.02.2001 - 'Vitosha' Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: 'Spiritual Messages' 11. 10.01.- 31.01.2001 'Draka' Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title:'Exquisite World' 12. 21.04-31.09.2001 'Art forum' Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: 'Arcadia' 13. 06.05-21.05.2001 - 'Boyadzhiev' Gallery, the city of Burgas; Title: 'The Endless Way to the Top or the Style of Black' 14. Participation in Kunst RAI ?? Amsterdam 2001 15. 15.04- 04.05.2002 ?? ??rud??Gallery, tthe city of Sofia; Title: ??ertical Shapes?? 16. Trilogy of exhibitions, demonstrating his art work under the slogan ??pwards?? - 07.05 - 27.05.2002 ?? ??easons??Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: ??he Endless Way to the Top or the Style of Black?? - 13.05 - 12.06.2002 ?? ??onitor??Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: ??ew Experiments?? - 20.05 - 17.06.2002 ??raka??Gallery, the city of Sofia; ??rcadia??Project 17. 06.06.- 05.07.2002 - Bulgarian Centre of Culture in the city of Warsaw, Poland 18. 14.06.- 28.06.2002 ?? ??esi??Gallery, the city of Burgas; Title: ??ertical Shapes?? 19. 05.09 ?? 10.10.2002 ?? ???Art Gallery of Burgas?? the city of Burgas; Title: ???War and Peace?? 20. Participation in International Art fair-Art Vienna 2002 21. Participation in London Art fair 2002 22. Participation in Art fair - Zurich 2002 23. Participation in Aundree Levy International Art fair 2002 24. 15.01.-10.02.2003 - 'Art Forum' Gallery - Sofia; Title: ???War and Peace?? His works are possession of private collectors from Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria and other. The Awards: Golden Rose Art Award For The Project " WAR AND PACE "- Burgus 2002 Radostini Dimitroff Art manager ======================================== Reviews for Stoyan Bekarelli - The Artist: 1. INSIDE ART INTERNATIONAL - 2003 - http://www.cosmoworlds.com/ 2. "24 Hours" - Newspaper - 1999 , 2000 , 2003 3. "A Sea" - Magazine - 2002 4. "Burgas ?? Today and Tomorrow" - Newspaper - 1999 , 2000 , 2002 , 2003 , 2004 5. "The Compass" - Newspaper - 1999 , 2000 , 2002 , 2003 6. "A Blacksea lighthouse" - Newspaper - 1999 , 2000 , 2002 , 2003 7. "Neftohimik" - Newspaper - 1999 9. "Factor" - Newspaper - 2003 , 2004 ============================================= THE INTERVIEWS : ============================================= 1. "GLOBE" - TV - 2000 2. "SKAT??- TV - 1999,2000,2002,2004 3. "CANAL - 0" - TV - 1999,2000, 4. "RENT" - TV - 1999,2000 5. "CANAL - 1" - 2000,2003 6. "GLARUS" - RADIO - 2000 7. "MAYA" - RADIO - 2000 8. "A SOUTH BEACH" - RADIO - 2000 9. "VESELINA" - RADIO - 2003 10."RTV" - 2004 11."M-SAT" - TV - 2004 ====================================== Collections for Stoyan Bekarelli Count Dussi - The Artist: 1. ANA PANAYOTOVA - ART COLECTION 2. HOTEL " SEA STARS " - ART COLECTION 3. " SOFIMAX AND ART " LTD. - ART COLECTION 4. " LOTUS - GROUP " CORP. - ART COLECTION 5. " CITY GALLERY OF BURGAS " - ART COLECTION 6. MARIA DONEVA - ART COLECTION 7. " DRAKA " ART GALLERY - ART COLECTION 8. S.ANAKI - ART COLECTION 9. P.DE HUB - ART COLECTION 10." GLORY "LTD. - ART COLECTION 11."ART FOCUS " INTERNACIONAL - ART ASSOCIATION - ART COLECTION 12."BALKAN BANK " - ART COLECTION 13."FIRST PRIVATE BANK" - ART COLECTION 14. SILVIO CONTI - ART COLECTION 15. D-r ATANASOFF - ART COLECTION 2004 His works are possession of private collectors from Bulgaria, France, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria and other.

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