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Ana Nieto

1976 E Born in Vitoria, Spain. 1997-1998 Tracor, The Art School. Bilbao, Spain. Visual Arts and Communication. 1999 Works for Goliath Photo-Books. Frankfurt, Germany. 2000-2003 School of Visual Arts. Manhattan, NY. BA Fine Art /Photography. 2003 One year in London, UK. 2004 Moves to Barcelona, Spain.
My images - too selective to be a documentary in the normal sense - are visual manifestations of the life around me. My life and my photographs, both often ironic, sometimes funny, at times raw and every so often nostalgic, interact and influence each other. Life pushes us to deal with feelings and situations, wanted or unwanted and so I shoot life with everything that life involves: happiness, loneliness, boredom, passion, frustration, love, sex, sadness, joy and death. It's a coexistence of ordinary duties and special moments. I work mainly in color using digital images, regular SLR and disposable cameras, computer colorized black and white negatives, videos, polaroids and vintage family prints, among others. Some of the images are snapshots while others are heavily staged and retouched. The way I feel determines which method I use, and that decision defines the way I perceive my surroundings. I like to use my instinct. It's a matter of spontaneity and intuitive thinking. Ana Nieto
-August/ 2004 "10 by 10" at Eggspace Gallery. Liverpool, England -July/ 2004 "StripArt-2004" at Guinard- Center. Barcelona, Spain -June/ 2004 "Emergency 7", at La Casa Encendida. Madrid , Spain Proyecciones Atemporales -June/ 2004 "Sue-os". Proyecta for PHotoEspa-a. Madrid, Spain -May/ 2004 "Girlography" at Axel Raben Gallery . Manhattan, New York -March/ 2004 "Sue-os". Proyecta, at Shooters. Madrid, Spain -March/ 2004 "Sequence" by Fnac. All over Europe -January/ 2004 "Hp " at Hype Gallery. London, UK -November/ 2003 "Souvenir" at Transition Gallery. London, UK -October/ 2003 "Body of Work" at 13. Manhattan, NY -June/ 2003 "Descubrimientos PHE03", Photo Espa-a. Madrid, Spain International Festival of Photography . -May/ 2003 "South Paw" at Park Slope. Brooklyn, NY -February/ 2003 SVAOs DeanOs List Premium to Academic Achievement -February/ 2003 "Double Exposure" at Galapagos Art Space. Brooklyn, NY -May/ 2001 SVAOs Photography Department Doe Award -May/ 2001 SVAOs Foundation Photography Show. Manhattan, NY

Artist Information:
Name   : Ana Nieto
Location: Barcelona  
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