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matteo pioltelli

The Birth Of A Passion - Biography Thoughts, words and philosophy of release, of life of Matteo Pioltelli. I was born in Milan 34 years ago, city where still today alive and job. For a long time i have been attracted by the communication through the image, to transmit a concept, a feeling, an idea. Around the 15 years my run departs toward the photo thanks to the gift of my good friend or rather a car totally manual, analogical, a Praktica MTL3 with two optics, a 50 mm and a zoom 70-210 mm. Since I have immediately tried to understand as I would have been able "to exploit" this outfit to the best, on that type of image to address me, on thing I wanted to express through a photo,has only been enough to look around me understand what I wanted to do, or to describe the time that flows, the life in her daily paper, the people, to describe the reality of the time, the road, to stop instants to the appearance normal and usual, but if sees with careful eyes could reveal a season, a state of mind, the uses and The customs of that time. From I have immediately understood that the photo for me was a way for "to tell", to describe. I have chosen to the beginning of my adventure, and also still, not to attend any school of photo, everything that that I know I have learned him from me, "on the field", reading and experimenting a lot with so much passion and abnegation always trying to approach me to the idea of the photo that I had in head. I have wanted to look for alone my street of expression, without making me inevitably condition from teachers and wish of teachers and teachers that unintentionally own students address at times toward a nearer street to their idea. This way I have begun to turn for my city, Milan, trying to snatch its soul considering that to the eyes of many can appear as a superficial city, elitist, that goes an hour to thousand and it doesn't wait for anybody, but that instead if it is dug with attention under that coverage of apparent lightness of mind the face in the Milan he will find again that was, that of the houses of handrail, of the human heat, of the open door always, to help each other.

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Name   : matteo pioltelli
Location: Milano  
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