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Sylvie Le Pinceau de l'Arche

At 39 years, Sylvie, alias Le Pinceau de l'Arche (to answer your many interrogations, Sylvie and Le Pinceau de l'Arche does only one!), attached to its native Alsace, alive charming the small town of Obernai, created this tasty mixture enters the Erotism and Art. And its Brush, its Watercolours are the weapons of which it is used for to sublimate the human body in what it has moreover in vain, nudity. And yet, the matter is difficult, the watercolour does not allow the error. After a short passage to the School of Deco Arts of Strasbourg, then an improvement with the watercolour near an Alsatian Master, Sylvie works and improves her art. In constant research, it is never satisfied asset, preferring to tear one of its creations which would not entirely satisfy it. Soft, timid, it indicates because its world is not it our, it slips gently at the rate/rhythm of its brush, circles between the colors, penetrates between the shades, intensifies the movement, jolts so that the volume of its drawing confines us in the unreal one so near to what we are really, and does not forget to flood us of his comforting smile, to point out our major values, sensual to us, scanded by the incandescence of our loves. And how to resist this heat, this call with softness? How to resisted by its approach of the life only it sleeps so magnificaly on these painting? And especially how to resist this glance? Look, deeply its works, you will find a source of comfort there, the root of a life, the Love. And so much of Net surfers let themselves try, it is surely because its timidity, its off-hand softness, reassures those which want to appease their needs, if it is not Erotique, but all at least Artistique, so that is carried out in a single work, the beauty of the human body. Softness, creativity, sensitivity, here are some words which summarize the ARTIST. Those which, as me had the chance to know him, will not contradict me, when I affirm that it is like its painting, so disconcerting, so charming, so ALIVE, that one wants to rest the Spirit in the pastel as of his works to re-appear the such dew, at incipient Dawn... Thank you Dear Artiste, who without wanting it, and surely without the knowledge decorates our life of a generous happiness. Thank you to have allowed me these some words, Signed: Your admiror, certainly least impartial, but in any case, most unconditional Do not hesitate to contact Le Pinceau de l'Arche! It will answer you with his softness and its usual kindness!

Artist Information:
Name   : Sylvie Le Pinceau de l'Arche
Location: OBERNAI  
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