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Wynne Dawson

Wynne Dawson grew up in Montgomery, AL, and expressed an interest in the visual arts at an early age. He began receiving formal training as a teenager when he entered the Visual Arts program at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School. After high school, Wynne moved to Montana to pursue a Wildlife Biology degree, but through the course of his studies, was brought back to the arts and received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Montana in December 2007. Wynne moved to Panama City Beach, FL, in August 2008 to be near family and to start his life as a Fine Artist.
The primary purpose of many of my personal works is to depict moments of spiritual actualization. Scenes that spark that feeling of complete connectiveness, you know the experiences you have where all of creation seems to be functioning fluidly and flawlessly, in one resonating rhythm of perfection when time seems to be standing still. Everyone senses these moments from time to time, but in reality they are always happening, we are always in this state of experience. It's just all the socially and personally imposed barriers we create that keep us from experiencing reality in this way. I make my work in the hope that the viewer is captivated by the feeling of the Moment of Being depicted in each piece. If one is spiritually benefited through viewing the work, then I feel that I have succeeded in creating a good work of art. It is this intention to benefit that makes it important to me that the viewer finds their own feeling and meaning in each piece. Although I do have my own personal feelings and opinions, it is their self-reflecting experience that matters most. The secondary purpose of the Moments of Being is to present images that juxtapose man and nature. These images depict how a single human is dwarfed by the overwhelming vastness of nature, yet their presence is critical to the work's composition, often creating the focal point. This demonstrates the importance of each individual's impact in forming a balanced existence with the Earth and within their own lives. In contrast to the serious nature of the Moments of Being, a number of my other works are meant to convey a light hearted attitude and in many instances depict rather comical images. It is my belief that art not only has spiritual benefits from making and viewing, but also emotional ones. I personally find pleasure and happiness in creating works of art and by creating pieces of comedy I hope to pass these sensations onto the viewer.

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Name   : Wynne Dawson
Location: Panama City Beach FL 
  United States
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