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Fr. Brendan Drown

My Name Explained I was named at birth Richard James Drown. That is still the name that I use for legal purposes, Social Security, checking account, etc. But the Byzantine tradition is that you can take a new name at Baptism, at Ordination, and at Tonsure (the process of becoming a monk or nun). I was Baptised Roman Catholic, so I had no choice at that. When I received Confirmation (Roman Catholic Sacrament that imparts the Holy Spirit) I was asked to take another name as my Patron Saint. I have always had a love of things Irish, so I chose St. Patrick. When I converted to Orthodoxy, I had been Rick for so long that a new name held no charm for me. When I was ordained to the Diaconate, I became Fr. Deacon Richard. Then things began to happen. An Encounter with Saint Brendan I had heard about St. Brendan and his voyage in the process of my education, and I had even seen (but never tasted) the cordial with the name of St. Brendan's However, I learned more about him after meeting with a new friend. He told me about petroglyphs in West Virginia that were in Ogam script (5th century Irish) with a very Christian message. I read up about him a little more, and became convinced that he would understand me, and be a new Patron Saint. Since then, I have had a great devotion to him, and when I was ordained a priest, I took the name Brendan. Time passed, and I was prompted to move deeper into the monastic life. I petitioned my bishop, and after prayer and counseling, I was Tonsured a Rassaphore monk, and given the name Benedict, for my devotion to his Rule. In the Byzantine Tradition, when a monk receives Tonsure, he drops his last name, as the monastery is his new family. So, my full name is Father Brendan-Benedict Richard James Patrick (Drown) I attend a Melkite Catholic Church in Phoenix, Arizona. I live in an urban monastic cell, and I am a binary artist. I hope to show some of my art here. It is mostly abstract or fantasy. Think of it as stream-of-conciousness art. I am always open to comments, but I do ask that you keep them "G" rated, so I don't get e-mail from some angry parent or the FBI
When I was a young child, I was the type of kid that could not stay in the lines when drawing with a crayon. I'm sure you've seen them-maybe you're even that type yourself! For whatever reason, I just did not have the hand-to-eye coordination to do things like that. Paint by numbers? A disaster! Counted cross stitch? Don't even ask. Sculpture? Clay? Well, I made an ashtray for my dad by sticking my hand in a pile of clay. How about finger painting? More paint on me than on the paper. And let's not forget all the other things that growing boys do, like play ball, right? Couldn't catch a ball with a net. Singing? I was told that my singing was good enough to curdle milk at ten paces. Things didn't get better as I grew up. That was, until I sat down in front of a computer. Things changed. Still can't catch a ball, but that's another story. Once my voice changed, I stopped curdling milk, but that has nothing to do with my artistic abilities-as a matter of fact, I have a rather nice round bass voice that is great for Russian style chant. I know I have gone 'round Robinson's barn to get to here, but the first time I sat down in front of a computer, I understood this thing in front of me. Keyboard commands and mouse clicks felt like second nature, that I had been doing them all of my life. First I was just using DOS, but then I turned to a Macintosh, and creating art was simple! a couple of mouse clicks, and there was an object. Create a texture for the object, and viola! the object is textured and colored to my specifications. Round objects are round, straight lines are straight, and I am always able to keep the color within the lines. So it is with a great feeling of accomplishment (and maybe a little bit of pride, mea culpa) that I present some of my art!

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Name   : Fr. Brendan Drown
Location: Phoenix AZ 
  United States
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