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Brian Exton

My interest in the arts began in the 70s when I attended college and studied Graphic Design. After leaving college and doing various jobs I decided to study once again.This time I studied the classical guitar and the theory of music and gained qualifications externally through a leading UK music college. After progressing to an advanced level I became a freelance teacher of the guitar teaching various styles including electric and acoustic. I became interested in digital art in the late eighties and early nineties using an Amiga 500 computer. Although very slow in comparison with today's machines it was capable of producing some good results. With computer, graphic design, and some photography skills, and with better programs and faster machines, my interest grew where now I spend many hours creating art that would have been near impossible to achieve some years ago. My artwork has been displayed in various exhibitions in the UK and is gaining a fast growing interest from many people and clients around the world. Although the majority is sold as posters and prints, it has also been used in other areas such as flyers and posters for various venues, CD covers, advertising, postcards, greeting cards and slideshows. I take my ideas from various sources including landscapes and seascapes, the countryside, space, nature, the spiritual and from various forms of music. Photographs I take with an SLR and digital camera can also help me form ideas which can then be applied to my art. Although I have a great love for all forms of art including the great masterpieces of the past, sculpture, some traditional art and much of the modern and contemporary art of today, many of my favourite works have been created by surreal and visionary artists such as Dali, Esher, Bosch, Magritte and Blake.
My pictures are built up rather like an architectural structure. I create the backgrounds with the exploration of a fractal which then becomes the foundation of the picture. But what is a fractal? It is a mathematical representation of chaos - well not exactly - it is more like a computer generated tree that just keeps branching out again and again into infinity. Fractals are based on mathematical equations that never end, that is, no matter how much you enlarge the image, there is always the same amount of detail and a repetition of mathematically defined shapes in the enlarged image. Upon these backgrounds I then build the picture by using layers, adding mountains, seas, rivers, planets, trees, stars and people through using various art programs including Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Bryce, Poser, Ultra Fractal, filters and some freeware programs. In most cases the picture has to move through several programs before completion. After adding various textures and materials to the image and applying the final touches with some of the paint tools in Photoshop, the result? Bright, spectacular, psychedelic worlds that possess an almost jewel like quality.

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Name   : Brian Exton
Location: Swindon  
  United Kingdom
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