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Jaiju Jacob

Before that, some quotes I like make you noticed. "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." ~ Pablo Picasso So if you feel something childish here, it's because of the artistic mind I have:) "Every artist writes his own autobiography." ~ Henry Ellis I haven't done anything like that... but some stories l like to say. I really wish to say, I am an artist or a graphic designer from Kerala\India, but right now, the identity is a bit different. There were lot of other dreams and targets before I started my career as a programmer. A glimpse of those dreams and targets could be found in this website. I think this will be the same feeling of an unborn baby. saying if I was born, I would have done this. I had dreams of becoming someone else, totally different, and I was in pursuit of my dreams. I won't regret becoming a programmer. I really enjoy the fun and the challenges in programming. I still like to continue as a core programmer, till I retire from this industry. But still I miss some of the things I started somewhere. some time... without a finish. From that very thought, this website was born. If I have a retired life, for sure, it will be dedicated for arts and designing. In this website you can find some of my sketches and photography. Most of my artworks are displayed there, they don't have any copyright. If someone wants to use it for any purpose, please feel free to do so. I'll be just happy for it. I was born as the son of Mr. Jacob Joseph (Ex-Soldier) and Mrs. Nancy Jacob (retired school headmistress). My childhood dream was to become a soldier, like my father. I liked to be called by my last name (my father's name, Jacob), because he was the man I wanted to become. I was working hard for it, and Yes! It is still a pleasure to realize that I was able to meet all the competencies to become a soldier, passed all the tests and even got an appointment letter from the Indian Navy! Circumstances. I was unable to join. I missed that chance for ever, to become a person who is respected as the one who guards the nation!!! I was really heartbroken. but earth was still spinning. I had to search for something else. Computer was always a mystery for me and hence I decided to learn information technology. I completed the course successfully, but I never thought that I could become a programmer. Anyway I came a long way forward for this, because deviating from this and starting something else was totally wasting my parents' money. Somehow I had to make it. My parents promised me a motor bike if I am to get a good score in my academics. I always wanted a bike, but later I realized that it's not good to have a bike when I am not earning anything to fuel it. So instead of buying a bike, we bought a computer. It was really a great companion. I experimented on it in such a way that almost every week I had to reinstall its Operating System. The computer might have felt bad considering the troubles I gave it, but it wasn't possible on someone else's machine.:) I have reasonable artistic skills, gifted by my mother. So I started to learn computer graphics. I attended a non academic course for computer graphics & multimedia. There I got a chance to use graphic soft wares like, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Studio Max, Sound forge etc. After my IT course, I was an apprentice for Kerala Government's voter's ID card project. It was a 6 months contract. There I got to lay my hands on the 1st generation Sony digital camera as part of ID card creation process. It used a floppy disk as memory and was able to take around 35 good quality images in it. The camera was my responsibility and I had to keep it with me after office hours, since the workplace was always some school auditoriums or some public buildings. It was a great experience to get a chance to take around thirty thousand portraits of all kind of people in Cochin. To be frank, I really enjoyed the chance to take portraits of lot of beautiful girls, that too with a government license! (Because I was a smart young bachelor then :-) ) The digital camera craze started there. It was like my personal camera for about six months. The job was create ID card for voters, after verifying the voter's list. It included, taking the pictures of people, corrections in data , ID card creation, and database maintenance. I thus realized computers can do a lot of productive things in the real world... Immediately after my apprenticeship, I was hunting for a graphic designer's job. As a trainee graphic designer, I got a job in a small web designing firm. The company was not doing well, but I got a chance to interact with professional graphic designers and to learn from them. Theory and reality was totally different. After 6 months the company was about to close because of financial loss. Anyway by that time I was confident to take up professional graphic designing. I started searching for another job. Fortunately without further delay, I got a job as a professional graphic designer in another company with a decent salary. It was a free, friendly environment, and I had to do very less graphic works since it was mainly a software development firm. Sitting idle was somewhat impossible for me. I spoke to my boss that I knew computer programming, and if he agrees, I could do some programming tasks. He fully supported me, and gave me a chance to learn technologies like Lotus Notes/Domino, ASP.net and Java. From then I was being transformed into a professional programmer. There was no graphic designing any more. Creating this website is the closest I got as to become a graphic designer.:) Now for the last 10 years I am working as a software programmer. When it was OK to think about a little bit of luxury, the first thing I bought was a small camera. I used to take photos of all family occasions, outings or anything I like to show others. I think all people like to be noticed. So do I.Also, If I could motivate someone for doing something good, I'd be delighted. To make it simple, if I meet a person for the second time, he will be there in my photo collection. Making web photo albums and sharing with my friends and relatives, is still a craze for me. "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared" ~Buddha But still I miss something I started somewhere. some time... without completing. At least it should be continued as a website like this. As I told earlier, if I have a retired life, for sure, it will be dedicated for arts and designing. Here are some of my sketches and photography. All the artworks displayed here, don't have any copyright. If anyone wants to use if for any purpose, please feel free to do so. I am just happy to hear that. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". There is nothing accepted by all in the world. Some people would like something, Others might dislike the same. "One man's meat is another man's poison". I would like to see any kind of feedback. Good or bad, doesn't matter. If you have any free time, please feel free to send any kinds of comments. It will only help me to correct myself or improve. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
"Beauty lies beneath the eyes of observer.., satisfaction lies on our own sense.." Hello! My name is Jaiju.. I'm an artist very "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" There is nothing accepted by all in the world. Some people would like something, Others might dislike the same. I would like to see any kind of feedback. Good or bad, doesn't matter. If you have any free time, please feel free to send any kinds of comments. It will only help me to correct myself or improve.. I like fantasy and realistic artworks.. Click on the thumbnails to see original images. I hope You will enjoy my drawings.
No exhibitions till now.. bt i like to do one soon.. That s a dream

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Name   : Jaiju Jacob
Location: Cochin  
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