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eduardo torassa

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Artist Information:
Name   : eduardo torassa
Location: capital federal  
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eduardo torassa

BIOGRAPHY: Eduardo Torassa was born on May, 1955 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (South-America). During the past twenty-five years he has exhibited his paintings around the world, individualy or with other painters. U.S.A., England, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina are som of the countries where his works are part of privates and nuseums collectiosn. From 1979 to 1983 he lived and workwed in Brasil. Actually is living in Argentina.
His symbolic/surrealistic style is the combination of a millenium of figurative art which is condensed in each of his paintings. The presence of great Rennaissance teachers appears constantly recreating works and people of that epoch, combined with objets and individuals of our time. This formula reminds a very rich dreams world, with its symbols and images are mixed in a way that arrives a paralell reality and a reality new logic. The human figure is the esential protagonist which goes from one to another epoch so naturally, like if time does not determine existencial limits between reality and fantasy. Eduardo Torassa with its precious tecnics and fantastic pictoric narratives, shows to us one story inside another. His art goes behind the way to arrive to a Universal subconscious.
SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1984 Portal Gallery,Sao Paulo,Brasil. 1985 Witcomb Gallery,Buenos aires,Argentina. 1987 Andre Gallery,Sao Paulo,Brasil. 1988 Lagard Gallery,Buenos Aires,Argentina. 1989 Lagard Gallery,Buenos Aires,Argentina. 1991 Lucresia Fos Gallery,Buenos Aires,Argentina. 1992 Vanidades Gallery,Miami,Florida. 1994 Elite Fine Art,Coral Gables,Florida. 1995"Encuentro Dali y Torassa".Miami Shopping Center Gallery,Punta del Este,Uruguay. 1996 Elite Fine art,Coral Gables,Florida. 1997 Gagliardi Gallery,London,England. 2000 Gagliardi Gallery,London,England. 2001 Elite Fine Art,Coral Gables,Florida.

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