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Hintner,Brigitte-Red - Power 2
Red - Power 2 / Mixed Media / 60 / 80 cm / Request Price

Description: Hello visitor , welcome to my site ! WHAT I'M DOING ? I PAINT ! WHY ? Because I love a process of mixing acrylic colours and it's elasticity as well as simplicity in using paint tools !I like the direct way of working on canvas . One to one relationship !!! Figures and human forms ...especially female human form ...play a very important element in my work ! Why ? Because there are others, people I've met , or have seen. And this one was a real beauty !Artwork is an original acrylic / pastel painting on high quality paper , signed and painted by me the Austrian artist Brigitte Hintner in 1999 , is for sale ,protected by copyright and if you wish framed behind glass. Also I work as a commossion artist , you can order paintings and drawings of your choice !If you're interested please don't hesitate to contact me for more information. I gladly welcome you with open arms . Many thanks for visiting my portfolio and why not sign my guestbook and write a few lines telling you 've been here ? I appreciate your comments ! Also please don't forget to visit my other web sites : www.kunst.ag/Brischit , www.yessy.com/05-05-52

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Artist Information:
Name   : Brigitte Hintner
Location: Wattens / Tirol  
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Brigitte Hintner

Born in Schwaz / the Tyrol / Austria and grew up in a quite creative family.At the age of 8 , my father, himself a very accomplished artist, started my artistic education . He introduced me to some drawing techniques and to see details others cannot see !All my knowledge about art was passed on to me from my father. But it is indisputable, that my artistic talent , inherited from my father , is an natural talent that is very rare . So I was told ! MY TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Dreams - Reality - Imagination- Emotions ! When i paint I dip my brush in my soul .Being an artist is a life force , not a career chice ! Each piece presents a fragment of my life 's work. I present the world artistically as I once saw it. You see, it's my identity - without this expression of self, I am nothing . Art is my life and I'm thankful for that each and every day!
Drawing and painting are the only things that I can say are truly mine. The act to create is essential to being a human.It gives all the pleasure and satisfaction nothing else can ever give !!! I have a dream , as do all artists of being discovered outside my small part of the world and am working very hard on this dream; to make it a reality would be the happiest moment of life !
I have been widely exhibited in 69 solo and group shows ( since 1986 ): Collectors throughout my country describe my images as vibrant, exciting and brilliant !

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