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  Hekim Başı Forest

Macdonald,Ewen-From Kabataş
From Kabataş / Watercolor / 30 x 45 / 280 USD


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Artist Information:
Name   : Ewen Macdonald
Location: Istanbul  
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Ewen Macdonald

Ewen MacDonald was born and grew up in the UK. He studied History at University College London and later at the Institute of Education, London. His work has taken him from the inner city of London to the deserts of Central Asia. He is now living on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. His style is a refreshing mix of watercolour, oil pastels and acrylics. He paints traditional landscapes and cityscapes with a contemporary twist. His original watercolour paintings are for sale, they are also available as prints.
My vocation as an artist has grown in an organic way over the years alternating from fallow times to more intense periods of creativity. I've always been a `self starter', what formal art education I received has been assimilated into a self taught style and outlook.Living and working in different countries with different cultures and all their complexities has enriched my life enormously and I know my paintings reflect this too. Although I've used mixed media, acrylic and pastel, watercolour remains my preferred medium. For me acquiring the necessary technical skills are a matter of time, experience and hard work, but even with these with watercolour there is always the exciting chance that things will not turn out as one planned. In general I have developed my own set of techniques and approaches that have come through trial and error but these rarely manifest themselves in the same way, there is a restless element to my work where I struggle to settle in one area of technique or style. Location is important for me as an artist. Inspiration often comes from the environment around me, in different scenes, people and climate. Then as one looks and `sees' what is really there in everyday objects, scenes and people one starts to understand the way ahead. Influences I love the work of the impressionists and some abstract expressionism, most importantly for me the works of Nicholas de Stael and Paul Cezanne. Some of the Orientalist watercolourists provide examples of how eastern culture and travel have traditionally inspired this medium. As I have lived for many yeas in Asia I feel an affinity with the sentiments of these old masters. Specifically in Istanbul the work of Zonaro is an inspiration as are the works of the orientalists Edward Thomas Daniell and William Russell Flint. Turner perhaps most of all is a big influence on my work. His treatment of English and European scenes, the familiar and unfamiliar are instructive to me and I resonate with the feeling of awe that some of his works reflect as he struggles to digest the new sights he beholds. The contemporary Watercolourists of the Royal Society present stunning work, the works of David Poxon, Jonathan Cramp and David Firmstone would be amongst these. I gain encouragement and breadth of horizon by seeing the diversity of these contemporary masters.
June 2011 Kadıköy, İstanbul with IFA April 2011 Cihangir Sanat Galerisi, Beyoğlu İstanbul with IFA June 2010 Press Museum, Çemberlitaş, İstanbul March 2010 Beşiktaş Belediyesi

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