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  Acuarius tear

Sanchez-Barea,Ivonne-(Q)n.3 with light
(Q)n.3 with light / Painting Acrylic / 240x120 cmt. / 5.000 USA

Description: Seen Quantum Concept with light

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  Canoa-Indic Ocean

Artist Information:
Name   : Ivonne Sanchez-Barea
Location: Cajar-Granada  
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Ivonne Sanchez-Barea

Name: IVONNE SANCHEZ BAREA Date and place of Birth: August 5th, 1955 , New York- United States of America Origin: Hispanic-Latin Address: Calle Campanario, 26- Cajar-18199 Granada- SPAIN Phones: (34) 958-300 636 - (34) 600620651 E-Mail: eiseke@yahoo.es - ivonnesanchezbarea@yahoo.es STUDIES 2002 WEB DESIGN - City Hall Course, Cajar - Granada - SPAIN 2001 COMPANY MANNAGMENT - IMFE- Granada - SPAIN 1992-94 ARABIC COURSES- Islamic Center - Madrid - SPAIN 1990-91 IBM and Macintosh Management - Anchorage Alaska USA 1989-90 DiplomaTitle in ARTISTIC ENGRAVING- Tecnics Specialty Art Trade Official School, Madrid - SPAIN 1984-89 Diploma Title in ARTISTIC SCULPTURE -Tecnics Specialty Art Trade Official School, Madrid- SPAIN 1980-84 Diploma Title ARTISTIC DRAWING and PAINTING - Specialty Art Trade Official School, Madrid - SPAIN 1974-75 Drawing and Painting-Art School David Manzur- Bogota COLOMBIA Publicity Design- Jorge Tadeo Lozano-Bogota University- Bogota COLOMBIA 1974 Diploma Title in Superior Bachillor-School Liceo Los Alpes- Bogota- COLOMBIA 1969 Primary Studies Lamasso Catholic School- Paris- FRANCE American School (Nueva Granada) - Bogota- COLOMBIA
1962 First Prize Saint Patricks School Painting Contest 1975 National Painting Concourse Bogota - COLOMBIA (THIRD PRIZE WITH MENTION) 1984 Painting - Art Trade Official School- Madrid- Spain 1985 Paints and Sculptures- Art Trade Official School Madrid- Spain 1986 Painting -Cultural Centre Salvador Allende-Madrid Sculpture- Expo-ocio- International Fair Madrid - Spain (SECOND PRIZE IN SCULPTURE SPECIALTY AND MENTION) 1989 Collective Paints, Cultural Center Galileo-Madrid - Spain American Week - Cultural Center Asturias Prince- Madrid - Spain Painting - Retiro Park- Town Hall Madrid- Spain Urbanistic Furniture-Arte Trade Official School - Madrid- Spain 1991 Sculptures and Paints- Cultural Center Town Hall Villa de Barajas- Madrid- Spain -Concourse Exhibition- Cultural Centre Asturias Prince (FIRST PRIZE AND DIPLOMA) -Paints and Sculpture Cultural Center Town Hall, La Elipa- Madrid -Sculpture- Cultural Center, Town Hall , Lavapies-Madrid -Casarrubuelos Gallery- Collective -Painting for l992- Jerez de la Frontera Bank-Cadiz- Spain 1992 Paints-Mayor High School Miguel Antonio Caro- Madrid-Spain 1993 Private Art Gallery Germain El Chehid- Madrid- Spain 1994 American Artists in Spain- Serviart Gallery, Madrid- Spain -American Artists: Lugo-Pontevedra-Burgos-Valladolid-Cadiz-Jerez de la Frontera- Spain -Casarrubuelos Gallery-Painting and Sculpture Contest- (SECOND PRIZE WITH SILVER PLATE) -Iberoamerican States Organization OEI -Organizacion de Estados Iberoamericanos- Poetry Book Presentation: "What the flowers confesed ","lo que las flores confiesan"-Written by the artist: Ivonne Sanchez Barea Paint and Sculpture Individual Exhibition with the assistance off Ambassadors, Cultural Attaches of European, Arabic and Latinamerican Diplomatic and Cultural Personalities Madrid- SPAIN. 1995 Casarrubuelos Galery- Madrid, Spain Painting and Poetry- "From the two sides", "Desde las dos orillas" - Cultural Town Hall Madrid-Cundinamarca -Colombia 1996 Embassy of the Arabic Republic of Egypt National Day Bogota, Colombia 1997 Private Gallery "STUDIO 66"" Bogota - Colombia 2.000 Town Hall La Rambla- Cordoba-Spain 2001 Town Hall Exhibitions Individual- Cajar- Granada -Town Hall - Maracena Granada -Town Hall - Cellective - Jun - Granada -Artistic Center- Collective Granada Acoje. Granada ART AT THE WEB - presentation "eiseke " group -I+D Forum- IFAGRA- Armilla Faire- New Tecnologies -Artistic Center - Individual- Town Hall Main Gallery - Granada - SPAIN 2002 Town Hall Individual exhibition. Maracena - Granada Collective Hospital San Juan de Dios Erotic Art. Town Hall Maracena -Granada (4th November to 20 November) 2003 Town Hall - INDIVIDUAL - Palillero - Cadiz- SPAIN (July) Town Hall - INDIVIDUAL - Ayuntamiento de Llerena - Badajoz - Spain (August) 2004 Member Microcompanies Association of Granada - Member Chourus "Albojara" - Participation Virtual Citizen "ALFA" - Conference "Art and Net" at ART-SCHOOL , Madrid - Member Conference Forum Mediterraneum Card, Fride Fundation and Three Cultures Fundation (Seville,15th April 2004)"Agora y Zoco Universal a traves del Arte y Artesania" - Director of "Manos Sabias " pending Proyect Mancomunidad rio Monachil , La Zubia, Granada - EISEKE S.L. Managment and Adminstration - President PICBADE ( Pacients Bariatric Surgery Association of Spain) - ART-Q (Theory) Exhibitions: Town Hall - La Zubia (Granada-Spain) April 2004 , Gaudi Gallery (Madrid-Spain) August 2004 , ART-EVENT (Lille -France) November 2004 NEXT: May 2005 - Art-Faire - Modern-Art Museum - Guatemala

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