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Adesina Sanchez

American Peregrine
American Peregrine

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Artist Information:
Name   : Adesina Sanchez
Location: New York NY 
  United States
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Adesina Sanchez

Adesina is a native New Yorker and lifelong visual artist, trained at recognized institutions such as The Art Students League, Pratt Institute, and the School of Visual Arts. Born to immigrant parents from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, her Latina heritage is referenced by the bright palette of her watercolors, heavy on pigment; as well as by her surrealistic montages and social commentaries in oil and acrylic. Her artistic heroes are Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Diego Rivera. Like them, Adesina prefers to work figuratively, in a realistic style, and she especially enjoys portraiture and depicting animals and wildlife. Adesina is also an established television and media personality, with almost a decade of experience, appearing under her stage and nickname, Desi. This includes work as an MTV VJ, anchoring for E! News Now, and hosting dozens of programs for broadcasting giants ranging from the Syfy Channel, to VEVO, to FOX. Adesina is currently developing two simultaneous painting series in preparation for her first solo show, and she is available for commissions and gallery exhibitions upon request.
As a native New Yorker and as part of the new generation of American-born Latinos raised in a fusion of Old-World Latino culture and the fast-paced commercialism of modern-day American society, I strive to illuminate the realities of both day-to-day urban city life, as well as to create surreal yet poignant commentaries on our future. Stylistically, I embrace the bold and vibrant use of color inspired by my family's native lands and dress, while also being inspired by post-Renaissance European sensibilities regarding form, structure, and realism. My goal as an artist is to continuously improve my technical draftsmanship, while painting pieces that cause more than mere admiration in the viewer, but that actually inspire thought and discussion on the state of the world, on the state of our society, and on the state of ourselves.
2011/07/27: Rawhouse Wine Presents: A Celebration of Art! 2011/06/09: Antagonist Group Art Show 2010/12/01: Charmingwall 6x6 Gallery 2008/06/06: Artists for L.W.A.L.A.

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