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urs steiger

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Artist Information:
Name   : urs steiger
Location: pedernales  
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urs steiger

URS STEIGER was born on 25th of may 1956 in Wattwil, switzerland In 1990 he went to visit Ecuador and he was fascinated about this marvelous country with its beautiful landscapes and seasights, unique on earth Two years later he decided to leave switzerland and settle himself in Ecuador where he got married he loved always art and he made friendship with some artits of Riobamba where he lived before when he visited on a saturday in march 2000 a friend in his studio he found himself with a brush in his hand and his friend told him "you are also an artist" factor that helped to think about colors, drawings, paintings etc his mind was definive contaminated with art and the influence of "Gemini" began to show its power after a while working with coal drawing he painted his first canvas with ordinary paint and it wasn't even bad so he started with oil later another friend (artist of course) needed to learn German, so urs interchanged his knowledge and got in turn basic techniques to get better in his art The very famous artist worldwide MIGUEL YAULEMA helped him to get forward and of course gave him many important advices until finally he nearly forced urs to make his first exhibition from the very first beginning dominated his huge imagination his work "sometimes the real thing is very far from the reality and other times real things are not true" the artist says his deep concern about nature in extermination reflects in many of his pieces of work that not only should pleasing to people, they should open space to reflexion by human been because they not always act agreeing to the frail ambience if you like to see more go to: http:artedelartista.jimdo.com
not all real things we see are reality

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