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Garry Samunjan

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Artist Information:
Name   : Garry Samunjan
Location: Englewood Cliffs  
  United States
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Garry Samunjan

Gary Samunjan - Adding a New Dimension for Art World There are so many artists involved in the art world and trying to draw both name and fame. But there are few of them who have really taken a different approach to keep things better for their account and for that they have adopted a unique art style to show their skill set and commitment for their passion. People use to say that artists are the passionate people and this statement is really true to a great extent. If you don't have that passion for art, then you cannot become a leader in this art world. Well, the same sort of approach is visible for Gary Samunjan. He has managed to draw both name and fame in really quick time due to his unique approach for the world of painting. His paintings are now in demand and has been added for several art galleries successfully. People like to pay more for his arts and love to have few of them at their home and office to enhance the overall look and feel of their interior décor. If you are also looking for the same sort of response from Gary Samunjan, then its time to browse through his art gallery. While browsing through Gary Samunjan's art gallery you will come across the paintings that have managed to hide or hold an in depth meaning. Most of the time people love to have such paintings at their home or office but before that they should know what these paintings hold. Well, with Gary Samunjan's paintings you are going to find out a name for each of these. Such name has been provided by the painter to let other know the hint or the exact subject mater on the basis of which a particular painting has been made. So, this will allow you to move into depth of the painting and you will easily know the real theme behind it. This is exactly helping customers to know what they are going to buy and they can now easily buy such paintings that they have seek for a long time. Gary Samunjan was born in Georgia Tbilisi, USSR during the year 1967. He completed his education from the University of Georgia in Architect. And during the year 1990 he have managed to migrate for USA where he managed to add a new light for his career as a painter. Gary Samunjan has also managed to add his artwork for different leading exhibitions in New York City and has managed to capture most attention from the art lovers. Selective exhibitions: 2003 ART EXPO в Jacob Javitz NY.NY. John Elder Gallery Chelsey NY. Taj Mahal Casino . 2002 Tabak Museum Austria Sant Regis Hotel 5 ave. NY.NY. Fish Tank Gallery NY. ART NEWS MAGAZINE NY.NY. ART BISNESS NEWS NY.NY. 2001 ART EXPO Jacob Javitz NY.NY. ART BISNESS NEWS NY.NY. ART EXPO PREVIEW NY.NY. 2000 ART EXPO Jacob Javitz NY.NY. Samunjan`s Design http://picasaweb.google.com/samunjan/InteriorDesign# Samunjan`s Literature http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/216068/

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