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S. Jakhar

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Artist Information:
Name   : S. Jakhar
Location: Jaipur  
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S. Jakhar

Education: B.F.A. (Painting) from Rajasthan school of art, Jaipur 1999 Diploma in Advance Computer Art from C-DAC, Bangalore 2001 Date of Birth : 31st May 1977
Today it is an illusion to try to keep art and advertising in watertight compartments. Both borrow from each other. "For me art is a matter of reflection and cognition. Today you can do whatever you want technically, you can produce the most fantastic pictures. That's why the meaning has to be placed in the content. My works use them as platforms for reflection on "the significant". I use the possibilities offered by the world of images, and from it I seek to create a precision of multi-meaning. But at the same time art today intermixes with the real world, and it is more its setting than the work itself that determines if something is art. We live in a cross-over time, in which media and forms of expression increasingly mix. Art is breaking out of its institutional space, seeking a footing in more extroverted visual media, like advertising, and in the public space. In my art I make use of the comprehensive visual vocabulary created by modern media. In my photo-based works I draws on already existing images from films, advertisements,photographs, magazines, newspaper and many other sources. The references in my works to Models, Hoardings, HTML and advertisements is obvious and a conscious decision. In my work text information share space with visually designed and modified photos and computer-manipulated Images.The combination of picture and text plays an important part in advertising, Cinema, T.V. and in other means of mass-communication, accordingly, in the art relating to it. Because the visual sensibility is quickly confused, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by information. At the same time, linear text will not stand by itself. So the two - text and images - must find a new relationship. Because the eye is exposed to more media images, the speed by which we read images and text has increased. Art and letters have never been strangers. Ancient Indian manuscripts used images to support the text, like the Pragyaparamita, Jain miniatures and in Rajasthani miniatures. My work confronts the viewer to look at himself; forces us to confront our visual culture.
1. Painting exhibition, Jasubhai Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2003 2. Painting exhibition, Ravindra Bhawan, New Delhi,2002 3. Prize by Rajasthan lalit kala academy in kala mela, Jaipur, 2002 4. Captain D.P. Choudhary memorial award, Jaipur,1999 5. Avantika Award, New Delhi,2000 6. Painting exhibition, Ravindra Bhawan, New Delhi,2001 7. Sudarshan Art Gallery, Bikaner, 2000

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