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Dana Marie

<b>Sun Dance
Sun Dance
<b>Garden Stones
Garden Stones
<b>Poppy Fields
Poppy Fields
<b>Night Life
Night Life
<b>Solus ~ Torn Canvas Series
Solus ~ Torn Canvas Series
<b>Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
<b>Green Tea and Chai Spice
Green Tea and Chai Spice

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Artist Information:
Name   : Dana Marie
Location: Lincoln City OR 
  United States
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Dana Marie


Self-taught Gallery Represented Artist.


Painting is not only my profession, it is my passion! It is a tangible way that I am able to share with others a piece of who I am...an expression of me. Each stroke is a verse...each verse comes together as one to tell yet another story. We may look at a painting and see a flower...a tree...but if "breathe in" that same painting we may see from a much different perspective...we may be able to begin to see the layers of unspoken feelings expressed on the canvas. My hope is that my passion is seen and felt through each piece I create.

Needless to say, I absolutely LOVE what I do and I hope it shows at least a little in each piece I create. ;)

I have used a variety of mediums to create what I see in my mind's eye (oils, watercolor, pastels, etc.) yet I have found acrylics to be my favorite at this time.

My style changes and evolves right along with me. I am forever embracing change.

You should never find yourself bored when visiting "what's new" and up for auction or for sell! I love to explore and expand in all directions with my art. I never wanted to feel "boxed into" having to stay with a certain style, certain medium, a certain general theme....no, no, no that is just not me! I need to feel free to allow my art the same freedom I give myself. I listen to my heart and with my brush and canvas, I hope I create something you may like as your own!

Live, Love, Laugh,
~ Dana Marie


February 1st-28th, 2005
US Bank
Newport, Oregon

Celestial Studios
Gainesville, GA
Owner and Photographer, Fox Gradin

Artists & Authors
Perry, Iowa
Owner, Lita Kaler

Opening September 1st

Earth Works Art Gallery and Studio
New York

You may also find my work at the following auction sites:

User Id: danamarieart

User Id: danamarieart


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