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Marco Mussoni

catharsi n.113
catharsi n.113"-attendere

"Iris Absolu"- Siberian Irises: Cleve Dodge Clump

"iris absolu" (siberian irises: blueberry fair clump)

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Artist Information:
Name   : Marco Mussoni
Location: Falciano  
  San Marino
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Marco Mussoni

Born in the Republic of Saint Marino in 1965, Marco Mussoni has worked within the field of graphic & visual design before dedicating him self to visual arts from the end of the Eighties. Great part of the works of the artist produced in the Nineties sends back directly to the perception of white and transparencies. ... " I feel myself cleaned up when I paint white on white"... Marco Mussoni operates with natural pigments, chalk, watercolors, idropaintings, and applies this media on linen burlaps and canvas, wood, x-ray films, paper. His most recent work includes graphic design, fashion styling, concept publishing designs, typesetting, illustrations, scenography. Tommaso Trini, Franco Solmi, Cesare Padovani, Roberto Daolio, Teresa Macri, Giordano Raggi, Monica Colosimo, Alfredo Bortoluzzi, Marina Busignani Reffi, Giusi Gradiente, Alzech Mishief, Claudio Spadoni,Armando Ginesi, Francesca Pietracci, Cesare Maccari, Dimitar Grozdanof, Iliana Nedkova, Vitaliano Angelini, Khalil M' Rabet, Cristina Trivellin, Angelo Siciliano... all of them have written about him.

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