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Jami Odell

"The Voodoo" by Jamio

"Forbidden Lagoon" by JAMIO

"Enchanted Tiki" by JAMIO

"Kong Tiki" by JAMIO

"El Flamingo Rojo" by JAMIO

"Lucky 7 Monkey" by JAMIO

"The Mystic Grotto" by JAMIO

"Devil's Paradise" by JAMIO

"Cannibal Queen" by JAMIO

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Artist Information:
Name   : Jami Odell
Location: Citrus Heights CA 
  United States
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Jami Odell

Hailing from the island of Sakatamata, kustom kulture artist JAMIO tantalizes tiki enthusiasts with lush and exotic landscape scenes, sharing the taboo tales that are not often depicted in tiki culture. This body of work is influenced by the dark and profoundly mysterious Polynesian and South Seas subculture, consisting of cannibalism, sacrifice, unruly god and goddess rituals, and magic. The intent and result of this work is to be deeply moving, if not disturbing, and share the experience of farscape lands that may only truly exist in the minds and imaginations of those who believe.
Who is JAMIO? Jami Paul Odell (aka JAMIO) is a talented "Do It Yourself" artist, with a formal background in Fine Art. Lending from the techniques of the masters, JAMIO creates astounding pieces of imagery depicting today's subculture in a way that are both unique and cryptic. He taps the vein of the evening nightly news, visions from disturbing nightmares, ghost stories, cult horror classics, Polynesian folklore, Greek Mythology and the festering underbelly of our culture for inspiration. An honest, sensitive, by-the-book chap, Jamio unleashes his darker side through his work, all while balancing an otherwise normal existence. To know him is to love him, but to understand him, is one of life's great mysteries. @;-)
Eddy's Deluxe Haircuts and Gallery 3716 J Street, Sacramento, CA

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