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  A Splash of Pink

Curtin,Laura-Pink Elephants?
Pink Elephants? / Painting Oil / 28x22 / Sold

Description: "The fog lifts you turn and there, you see a fantastic sight. Two baby elephants playing on African plains. You might shake your head a bit to see if your vision clears, are they Pink?." L Curtin. Be sure to visit out my official website: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

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  Eagles Warming in the Sun

Artist Information:
Name   : Laura Curtin
Location: Westminster CA 
  United States
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Laura Curtin

My friends and co workers watch me put myself into all of my wildlife Paintings. I will hear things from clients like, "Do you sell anything? Do you do shows? Your paintings are so beautiful you should do it for a living." I've always wished there was someone out there that would be my representative and get my paintings out to you the viewer. Well I'm sure you know that as it turns out I am that someone with help from my talented graphic designer son, Daniel. Each of my paintings are unique. You won't see anything like it from anyone else. I get a picture of an animal in my mind and I keep seeing it until I get it on canvas. I've just started having these prints and cards produced and they are made with the best materials. We have added photos of flowers and other places and things. I love Photography and enjoy sharing these with you. Sometimes I see the flowers in the sun or early morning, maybe when the sun is going down and their beauty is so exquisite I have to grab my camera and take pictures. My husband Kevin is very nice and only complains a little when he updates all my devices with the flower files. I think I've taken 1200 flower photos now and I really don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Check them out. I am sure you will find a unique picture that is just what you are looking for.
Artist Statement Wildlife Artist Laura Curtin 14341 Beach Blvd. Suite R Westminster CA 92683 714-654-7293 My name is Laura Curtin and I am a wildlife artist from Southern California. Working predominately in oils I create paintings to make people smile. Every painting is a place I would like to be. Although the habitat is true to the subject the animals place in the painting is from my imagination. I paint because I can and I love it. I started painting because I knew I could. I feel a rush of adrenaline when my work is going well and unsure I can keep it up. I love being able to disappear into my work. I can't believe I can paint sometimes. I am primarily self taught when it comes to painting animals. I do belong to a teaching art gallery in Huntington Beach Ca where my artist friends help me by critiquing my work and offering their solutions to dilemmas I face with color and space. My favorite tool is my Chinese hair brush because it works so well when I paint fur. I love oil paint, it's smooth and colorful and smells good. If I don't like the way something looks I can paint over it. I love being surprised by my success. I know it turned out well when I look at and I don't want to fix something. I tend to paint families and intricate backgrounds. I took everything I was taught in workshops and seminars, kept what worked for me and then tightened up (more detailed) my style. My favorite color is Thalo green and ultramarine blue with a dash of white. I love the way it glows in a sky, I love the way it reminds me of an island, it's a happy color. It looks like turquoise. I begin a piece by designing it in my head before I put it on canvas. I find reference materials to fit the image I have in my mind. My paintings rarely come out like I originally picture them. They always seem to change direction. I know a piece is done when I am driving myself crazy with the smallest details. I have to stop and say this is done. Leave it alone, no more shadows and highlights on little bits of gravel. When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of wonder and thankfulness that I was given a gift. I am actively pursuing an art career. I want the world see all the wonderful places I create on canvas.

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