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Name   : Mohammad Bin Lamin
Location: Misurata  
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  Red Face
  Yellow Face
Bin Lamin,Mohammad-shaitan1
shaitan1 / Mixed Media / 10cmx15cm / 500$ USD


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Mohammad Bin Lamin

-Born in Misurata, Libya 1969 -Has Diploma in Ships maintenance -Artist, Painter, and Sculpture -Participated in many exhibitions in Libya and outside Libya -President of the Association of MISURATA Artists. -Member of British association for photographers (MPA) MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION -Judge member for kid competition in paintings and drawings. -Computer Graphics designer. -Producer for many Digital Graphics arts. -worked as designer with local publishing company, designed many front covers and logos for some magazines and newspapers.
"On the board, I see you smiling . Color separation and demolishing of its acuteness ;color and recording mysteries are inspiring, and the absentee - present ecstasies approaching your higher limits. Today, I call you in and draw upon my color, love and brandings of the heart canvas; rising at your revelation threshold, pure white on the veil of the other painting . * Inside listening to the very green sounds . Formation sprout that needs other clarity of illumination - a sojourn of nice stroke and pause - a tracing inclines towards the nests of the indolent times . THRESHOLD IS ANCIENT, STEP PASSES BY" Mouhammad Bin Lameen 17.6.2000
-1998(Followings of Erasing and Fixing)Group Gallery with The artists: Musbah Alkabeer & Adnan Maetiq at Gallery de Villa, Tripoli, Libya. -2000 Electronic Recollections: (Experiences in Color's Electronics & Printer's Sincerity)Misurata -2000 Gallery Exhibitions with Adnan Maetiq at Alfateeh Tower, Tripoli, Libya . -2001 Edinburgh, The annual side walk gallery with British artist Clara. -2003 sculpture work exhibition in support of Iraq's people against war:(Mafazat Al Abereen) -Sculpture:Participate in International Symposium of Sculpture - Aley 2000 Lebanon , with sculpture titled:(Signal way to Heaven). -Famous Digital Arts: -The woman who appeared as a see -Tagalieat Al Fustoq Al halabi - Madbah Al anaag Oil work:The autobiography of a box (unfinished work) - Parallel States, Cairo Egypt.

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