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  et la puissance du tr? haut te prendra sous son ombre

Phedon / Other / 21x29.7 /

Description: Experimentation sur pc

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Artist Information:
Name   : Bulczynski isabelle
Location: Bromont-lamothe  
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Bulczynski isabelle

Biographical draft... Born on July 7, 1962 in Bourbon L'Archambault (France), Isabelle Bulczynski is pupil of the college of applied arts 'Martiniere' in Lyon before looking further into its artistic studies at the Institute of formation to the trades of art and of the communication - CREAR - of Gouvieux in Oise (Obtaining the Professional Patent of screener), with the School of the Art schools of Clermont-Ferrand (course of history of art and drawing) and with the School of Architecture of Volvic - EDAV - (studies of enamelling, modelling and drawing, obtaining the diploma for the occupation of enameller).
Mythology presents to us the whole of the myths and the specific legends to each civilization. It puts in scene, by a fabulous account, beings incarnant in a form symbolic system the forces of nature and various aspects of the human condition. But isn't it also the base of psychology? Indeed how not to note that the whims of these gods are only human realities, always as present now as in the past... The men of today still reflect what those of yesterday exorcisaient through their legends, trying to thus alleviate their anguishes, their distresses and the complexity of this life which, essentially, depends neither on the latitude and nor of the time. This is why it seems to to me damage to be unaware of the past under pretext which it conveys of the obsolete ideas: could the tree push without roots? I thus invite you to fly over with me these some legends drawn from the history of the gods and the Greek and Roman heroes, who allowed me to work out this work. The texts corresponding to the tables were written starting from the works quoted in the bibliography, in particular "the large book of the Greek and Roman mythology" of Michal Stapleton and "the Golden Legend of the gods and the heroes" of Mario Meunier. I hope to have half-opened a door on this world forsaken, however so rich and so marvellous, with those which do not know it, and allowed the others to go back in memory some forgotten legends... Isabelle Bulczynski
Principal exposures: January 1990: First exposure, on the topic of the Khmer art, in collaboration with a Vietnamese painter, Fabrice Donat, with the Art gallery of the Savings bank from Clermont-Fd, May to September 1992 and 1993: Exposures to the castle of Tourno'l (Volvic), August 1994: Participation in the collective exposure "Colors and legends" organized by an association of artists of Worthy, Mars 1997: "Mythology", exposure organized by the Town of Beaumont (63) and presented by Veronique GEly-Ghedira, Lecturer at the University Skews Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand, December 1997: "Mythology and metamorphosis", exposure organized by the Town of Vichy, April 1998: exposure organized in Clermont-Ferrand by the E.C. of Laboratories M.S.D. Chibret, July - August 1999: Exposure organized to Aubusson by association for the promotion of arts, October - November 1999: "Mythology", exposure organized by the Town of Mills (03). November 1999: Participation in the collective exposure organized by association Our Lady of the sea, in the Innuendo gallery of Marseilles December 1999 at December 2002: Permanent exposure Workshop of Riom and Bromont-Lamothe . May 2003 : Exposure in the galerie Ebla of Damas ( Syrian).

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