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Name   : PHILHELM Philhelm
Location: STRASBOURG  
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  B109 - WHEN THE GODS WERE (still) MEN .2009
Philhelm,PHILHELM-P168 - The horse's origin according to the Dongbas priests of Naxi - 2012
P168 - The horse's origin according to the Dongbas priests of Naxi - 2012 / Painting Acrylic / 165 x 190 cm / 15000 EUR

Description: 165x190 cm - 64, 96x74, 80 inches - Acrylic on canvas crowned by a pediment in polychrome wood. This table should be read as a book that actually exists because it is the only pictographic writing extant in the world. It is Tibeto-Burman origin. Only sixty old priests are still able to read it that is why, recently, it is taught in schools Lijiang Naxi capital, one of the Chinese minorities in southwestern China again. Formerly this area was called "Land of horses adorned." The cartridge on the front top is its title: "The origin of the horse." The table is the first page of the book are twelve in all, here's the story in a nutshell: "In the beginning, the big bird rock and the peacock were the father and mother of the horse. Together they raised nine pair's egg whites, then many animals came to try to incubate, but none have hatched a horse. Then the eggs were transported by a large jet of water to a lake, where the white and black wind blew together, creating a huge wave. The wave threw eggs against a cliff and has cracked, raising horses on our land. The horse, wild horse and yak were all brothers of the same father but different mothers. Horse and wild horse competed in a showdown that has lost the wild horse and the horse and yak fell. The horse said wild horse, "Go and entrust your destiny to the man", but the wild horse replied, "The man eats the meat of animals, wearing animal skin, I do not confide their fate, but I would turn to Shu, the Naxi God of nature! »The horse said," The man feeds me of wheat in a silver dish, and bring me water in a golden bowl ", so that the horse entrusts his fate to man, and became the domesticated horse. a fireball fell from the sky, landed on the palm which the domesticated horse was tied. Palm burned on earth, and the horse was able to escape. Man went into mountains in search of the horse, taking with him a piece of salt and grains of red wheat. When man found the horse, the horse told him he had three nightmares. Consoled man horse, saying that dreams are not nightmares, but good omens. Man also promised to the gods that he would take care of the horse, and never eat its meat nor would his skin. The man then helped the horse to avenge his brothers, killing and slaughtering wild yak horse. He then used the yak meat and the heart of the wild horse to offer a sacrifice to the God of Victory, and for that, used the blood of wild horse to save the God of Victory from any impurity. "

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In actual fact, I want to tell you without misrepresentation, the whole story of Philhelm, which begins in Alsace (It was still a Germanic country and will become French only in 1678!) in the castle of Lichtenberg, on April 23rd 1616, when the seven-year-old Balthasar Helmlinger, loses the Monogram of his eponymy descendant. This ordinary but nevertheless very serious incident in the distant past will set in motion the artistic calling of one of his descendants, ten generations later! This contemporary painter, born in Strasbourg in 1943, has only exhibited his work twice in his life (1999 and 2001) and only at the "International Biennial Event of Contemporary Art of Florence" which awarded him in 1999 the Prize of the City of Florence. So that the ordinary people be completely disorientated, so that it will let the story of the past enter him torpidly, by going back the furthermost possible or else it will never pierce the heart of his paintings, to seek there the secret causes of things.
Philhelm declines the colors in a correspondence with the images and original writings to a small history of the past, in wich his monogram was always present as an archetype. This revival for a few years, he has tried to reveal it because the Gods came one day to its meeting ! They deigned to present him their messengers like a hero accompanied with their sphinges : Let them forgive him, if he dares to quote them in the enjoyement of his heart, even if he put no bad shame to ask them for grace. If he tries to make reappear by its legends, some bits of a lost knowledge, and really immortal and sacred, he owes it only with work of fort many archaeologists and historians. He makes no vanity of his work. If he had his whole life, believe not produce anything good and beautiful, he feels no less real joy and deep taste that he recognizes and admires beautiful and great at others, had they been Etruscan, Cretan, Assyrian or Sumerian ?

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