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Name   : Stephen J. Vattimo
Location: Bridgeport  
  United States
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  Idolized Mask
  They Dropped Their Nets And Left Their Boat To Follow Jesus
Vattimo,Stephen J.-Only One Way
Only One Way / Other / 11" x14 " / 100.00 USD

Description: 11"x 14" Ink on Sketch book paper study by Stephen J. Vattimo 2/18/2017 This ink study is of a Jesus giving direction to a new convert to Christianity , in witch path to take in life. They are standing out side the open tomb, where Jesus was buried for three day after His death through crucifixion . He was hand to the roman to be put to death for speaking blasphemy,for Claim to be the Messiah. God had raid Jesus from the dead as His sign of excepting Jesus's death for the payment for the sin that separates man from the fellowship with God. So what separates a man from the kingdom of God ,and places them under the judgement of be thrown in to the lake of fire is not sin,but rejection of the free gift of eternal life through salvation through the God only son,Jesus of Nazareth. Theo a person is save as soon as they trust in Jesus for the payment for their sins,they still live in a fallen world , and need to rely on Him for Guidance,strength,daily bread,protection. For this a Christian will face many trials and tribulation,for we have an advisory the Devil,who at the cross was defeated, so he goes around now like an old lion who,s teeth and claws are no long sharp, who has become a man eater ,because he has lost his power and strength to go after other prey. But be of go cheer God is preparing a new world were sin,death,and the Devil and his army of fallen angel and rebellious faithless members of man kind will not have palace. Once again There will be no more space of air between God and his that will separate them. Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 2/18/2017 Written by Stephen J. Vattimo

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Stephen J. Vattimo

ART COME Alive: Stephen J. Vattimo Added by Danny Huffman on March 13, 2013. Saved under Huffman, Local Arts, Local Culture Plus, Local People Tags: art, Artist's Square, painting, racquel cruz, Vattimo Stephen J. Vattimo was born, raised and lived in the Philadelphia area most of his life. As a creative spiritual person, he is involved with creating works in fine art, poetry, short-humorous stories and articles on socialism, politics, and spirituality. He considers his work living-art because it is communicative in many ways and has a direct message with each creation. Through his works, the viewer gets to know who he really is. Metaphorically speaking, Stephen wears his heart on his sleeve. Stephens work is inspired by his love for God, family, and his country. Held by the belief that: We honor these things by conducting ourselves with nobility and morals, Stephen's vulnerability and passion is shared in all his work. Bound by these values, he believes we will have a prosperous society and an abundant life. Ultimately, that our nation will be blessed with not only materialistic richness, but also the riches of love and family that God has given to us. What is Stephen's style of art? Most of his work has been described as being folk, primitive, surreal and illustrative. His medium varies as he works with acrylics, pen, and ink. His preferred medium is with acrylics as it offers a wider opportunity to create multiple textures and effects. Adding to that, the medium because it dries fast, is non- toxic, and cleaning it up with water makes it fast and easy. Stevefinal Before Stephen creates his artwork on canvas he sketches the design, carefully planning each object he is going to incorporate in his paintings using a sketch pad. He does extensive research before even beginning to transfer vision onto canvas. It is not uncommon for him to repeat his research as not to miss the details he is carefully trying to convey. To bring his message home, he often introduces symbolism within his work. gently guiding the reader while allowing multiple interpretations without constraint. Stephen has original work in colleges, community centers, and coffee shops. He is also an essential figure within Internet publishing in art, writing, and poetry communities. He hopes that his art can be a blessing to his viewers and an honor to God.
Stephen J.Vattimo Uses the arts to express His world view , and His Christian faith.

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