Original available - $1100">
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QUIGLEY-TOM SELLECK / Drawing / 8 / 1100 USD

Description: It is a "pencil" of Tom Selleck as Matthew Quigley from the 1990 movie "Quigley Downunder." The original is 8"x10.5" overall. It is drawn on medium weight, hot press Crescent Illustration Board. German made Faber-Castell Drawing Pencils were used. The majority of the "pencil' was done with a #4 lead, while the remainder was darkened with a #6 and #8 leads.

Original available - $1100

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Artist Information:
Name   : Denny Karchner
Location: New Port Richey  
  United States
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Denny Karchner


5745 Mockingbird Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34652

This is the start of a series of collections. The first collection, "WESTERN ART" are various "pencils" of Native Americans, western still life, and movie actors.

The second collection is "WATERCOLORS." These are just a few of the dozens of paintings I have done over the years. For several years in the 70's I went on a "barns, old houses, sheds and spring houses binge." I was commissioned to do most all of them. All were sold and I never saw them again. At this point in time, I sure wish I had digital copies of all of them at least. Most are hanging in homes unseen by public view some hanging in places of business. I have managed to collect a few to post here. I am working to retrieve several more. Most hang in Pennsylvania, others, all over the country. Stay tuned.

I should also mention here that I was taught "watercolors" by one of the best watercolor artist of our time, the late, Thomas Helwig of Pittsburgh. I wish I would have stuck with the art form more. "I could have been a contender".maybe. You all be the judge. My "pencils" seem to "speak" more to me. I know in the art world "watercolors" always sell better than "pencils." The "pencils" seem to impress more."go figure."

My third collection is "NASCAR / PHOTOSHOP." My "pencils" and "watercolors" are somewhat of a "release" for me. I sit long ten and eleven hour days as a NASCAR artist/illustrator for Vanity Fair a/k/a VF Imagewear here in Tampa, Florida. I work on a G4 in Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop exclusively. As a freelance artist I sit in front of my G4 here in my home studio at nights also working in PhotoShop and CorelDRAW on my PC. Mostly working on T-shirt artwork that can have as many a 50-60 layers to complete. This is what "pays the bills." If you care to see some of my other PhotoShop work please go to my personal website. You will also see some of my other forms of art that I am into. I would ask that you take the time to take a look. I ask that you please come back later.

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