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Kloran,F. Michael-Red Dress Green Wall
Red Dress Green Wall / Watercolor / 5.5 / Request Price

Description: This is anoher painting with the model Mie Kobayashi. Like most of the paintings presented here it is a study for a later larger acrylic work and was executed during the artists stay in Japan.

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Artist Information:
Name   : F. Michael Kloran
Location: Nihonmatsu  
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F. Michael Kloran

The artist, like his father before him is a wandering adventurer, rarely in one place for more than a few years. He has studied painting and history in New York, Paris, Millan, Venice, and Naples. He is currently working out of Japan where he makes his home.
We can look at art in two ways, viewing from the subjective and objective perspectives. In the subjective manner of interpretation we may read the vocabulary of viual art in the most contradictory of ways. Allowing anything to be accepted as good art based simply on our personal reactions and interpretations. By doing this we free ourselves to accept a wider variety of work to be incorporated into our dialogue on art, yet restrict ourselves from having any real way of measuring that arts value and quality. These views and insights are ultimately intuitive, based on feelings and ideas which are not shared by all artists or people. By this method there can be no set of values, the scales even out and we are left with a playing field made bland by the lack of accepted virtuosity. In the subjective manner, a Giotto may be equally good as a Sargent, the formers greatness and influence dragged down by the latters mundanity. The objective manner, however dry or museumlike its critics have made it out to be (and indeed there are many) is the only way people of vastly different backgrouds may speak intelligently on art in a comparitive sense. In this way we may speak more clearly of the value of artworks outside of the realm of opinion, personal culture and bias. Objectively all visual art is composed of the same elements, shape, color, line, value. They combine to make rythm and movement and it is in the combination of these elements that we find the measurable value of art. Its easy to say that a Wattau is different from a Pollock based solely on our initial glances. It is more accurate to view the abstract rythms built into Wattau that link him with Pollock. The objective manner I propose does not negate the need for subjective desires and likes/dislikes. We must after all enjoy that art we view. But when teaching it, when writing on the subject and in the evaluation of art as a whole we must not limit ourselves to the elevation of certain works to the level of greatness based solely on our oppinions.
Recent Exhibitions: 27th Internationl Art Exhibition: Metropolitan Museum Tokyo. 8/02 28th International Art Exhibition: Metropolitan Museum Tokyo. 8/03

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