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Schneemann,Roy-Blody Mary
Blody Mary / Other / 160x120 cm (62.99x47.24 inches) / 6000 USD

Description: Digital Art Painting on Canvas by Roy Schneemann Medium: Gicl? Edition Copies: 3 Size: 160x120 cm (62.99x47.24 inches) Signed: Yes Mounted: $6000,00 Printed on fine Canvas (professional quality 12colors giclee prints, that resist fading for over 150 years, fade and water resistant).

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Artist Information:
Name   : Roy Schneemann
Location: Rosenau  
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Roy Schneemann

Born in Germany, Live in France since 30 years. Inspire of different cultures (My mother is a German, my father is a Frenchman (a Corsican), I have an aunt in Romania, an aunt in Atlanta, Georgia I've got some first prices for my painted works in my youth. I have privately sold many of my works in Germany, France and Switzerland within the last years. Now, the need has woken itself in me, presenting my new digital works to the public. This is the beginning. I've been painting as long as I can remember! Painting and creating is my passion and it always was. Painting is and always has been the means by which I express my feelings. 1980, Jurisprudence 1993, I have written a small book (100 pages) about synthetic pictures "Persistence of Vision" (ISBN: 2-910296-00-8) 1994, Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.F.A) 1997, Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts (D.F.A.) 2006, Own small company in France My proverb: Do not dream your Life, Live your Dream ! About my Digital Art Digital Art or painted in a conventional way ? The Creative mind is the same. The Means are just different. A mouse or graphics tablet instead a brush. Pixels instead of Oil Paint Digital Art has some Wonderful Advantages A fusion of Creativity and Technology and Force Creativity: My Inspiration Tools: A palette of 16 million colors, a mouse or graphics tablet Technology: Creating of flexible pictures with computer technology and fractal geometry mathematics Force: The Power of 4 Intel processors to produce the Artwork. Computer creations as high art, it's a concept that's emerged from the experimental stage, coming into its own. Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day ! Roy
Roy Schneemann's original digital art is about intersections - the intersection of nature and technology; the intersection of tangible and spiritual worlds; the intersection of the European cultures where he has lived and worked, as well as western interpretations of ancient visionary art from the east. This German-French artist's use of pixels and a mouse instead of paint and brush is no compromise. Instead, his fusion of creativity and mathematical calculations results in one-of-a-kind, professional quality gicl? prints on fine canvases that challenge your perceptions of the most mundane: birds in flight, cityscapes, an apricot. Bold, brightly colored images from his computer-generated palette of 16 million colors become intricate mandala-like devotions. We are drawn into the mystical world by more subtle, textured works that depict the fractured architecture of nature with translucent overlays that seem to reveal their own pulse. Computer creations emerge from the artist's imaginative experiments and have now become the newest genre of fine art, worldwide. New audiences of Roy Schneemann's work might envision a festival of O'Keeffe, Dali, and Disney, but the true celebration is in the eclectic vision of this artist's collection alone. Education: Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Canterbury University UK, 1994 Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts (D.F.A.) Canterbury University UK, 1997 Publications: Persistence of Vision, 1993 (ISBN: 2-910296-00-8)

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