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Carson,Charles-Fleurs en fusion
Fleurs en fusion / Painting Acrylic / 20 X 16 / Sold

Description: The impression of freshness and energy that radiates from Carson's painting comes, in part, from the sparkle and purity of the colours, harmonized in their rhythmic juxtaposition and lightened by breaks of white. The generally diagonal or elliptical arrangement of the elongated dabs of paint seems to arise from a mysterious inspiration, doubtless discreet but effective, that gives life to the composition.

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Artist Information:
Name   : Charles Carson
Location: Montreal, Qc.  
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Charles Carson

Charles Carson if A Rising star in the Canadian art market To discover Charles Carson is to rediscover Nature.According to Jacqueline de Torres, President of the Galerie d'art le Prieure in France, the art of Charles Carson points to the missing link in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Art. Mme de Torres, adds: "Charles Carson, the undisputed master of color and the creator of Carsonism, takes us on a trip through a fascinating universe of multiple and varying dimensions. Charles Carson leads us to discover, through his unique palette and way of doing things, a world in which living forms are born of his own dreams and reflections - on Earth, over the sea or via the flight of a bird. The artist has a remarkable facility for dematerializing forms and transporting us into a world that is being passionately observed, allowing us discover the endless subtleties of Carsonism". Born in Montreal in 1957, Charles Carson has been devoting himself entirely to his art since 1983. Over the years he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. He has also spent 5 of these artistically productive years living in Colombia. Carson has gained recognition at the international level and become known among art historians and consultants both for his art itself, and for his unique technique which has been termed "Carsonism" by these experts. This internationally acclaimed artist was awarded the Salon's in - 2002 - Winner of the Rayonnement Universel Gold Medal (at Montreal's Salon international des Beaux-Arts) highest distinction in recognition of his exceptional talent and the crowning of his works. Charles Carson was awarded an honorable mention at the 9th Edition of the MIM D'or 2003,Awards,at the Salon des technologies held at the Palais des Congres in Montreal. Charles Carson is considered by critics to be one of the greatest of contemporary artists. *Lise Grondine, president of the Salon spoke in these terms: "I think it is universally agreed that Charles Carson's abstract works reveal great mastery and that they can be seen as masterpieces in terms of contemporary abstract art at the world level. They are refreshing, powerfully executed and of rare expressiveness. I also think that without a doubt, Charles Carson will be one of the century's greatest exponents of contemporary abstract art. If I affirm this today, it is in recognition of such exceptional talent and is a testimony that I have never previously provided for any artist." *Lise Grondine has a Diploma in History of Art from the University of Montreal, and is an expert in Plastic Arts. She obtained her Master's Degree at the Universite de Montreal, and has a Diploma from Academie francaise, des Arts des sciences et des lettres in Paris. It was in 1970 that the Canadian painter Charles Carson first discovered his passion for painting. He started with a traditional technique, gaining inspiration from his environment. His first works were figurative, yet he was unsatisfied with the final result and started to lean toward a semi-figurative and extremely personal style of painting. This technique, along with his own special pictorial "writing", rapidly affirmed themselves and his talent was increasingly revealed with every new creation. Charles Carson concentrates on the essentials of structure, the purity of forms, the transparency and vividness of colors. He paints with complete assurance and focuses on different studies involving color and esthetics. From the time he first made his way into the world of art, he has successfully participated in a number of individual and collective exhibitions around the world. He also does sculpture as a pastime. He travels a lot in Asia and is deeply concerned with the social and ecological problems of today's societies. This has proven to be one of the major turning points in his creative work: Nature now occupies a primary place in his creations. Numerous visits to Europe later opened up the world of Classical works by the great masters through which he acquired a maturity that left a profound and indelible impression on his own artistic evolution. He is particularly devoted to the works of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Turner. At the age of 33, Charles made his own discovery of Latin America and lived in Columbia for nearly 10 years. There he produced extraordinary works from which emanates an exotic aroma, yet he always retained his sensitivity, depth and vivacity, as well as the dynamic range and variety of composition that characterize his works. The surfaces of all his canvases are covered with a large quantity of paint that employs a pure and contrasting palette. Yet his paintings still hint at the winters of his youth - those gray storm-clouds that haunt his works and give them a striking three-dimensional feel. His physical control is always evident and he paints in bold strokes with a masterful technique. During a ten-year period, the Canadian artist collaborated actively in the artistic culture of the Fine Arts Museum in Cartagena, Colombia. In recognition of his contribution, a life-size statue of the artist in bronze has been on view in a major Cartagena public building since 1997. He also created a monumental mural entitled El Caballo del Mar for the main hall of Cartagena's principal airport, and he executed another mural entitled Yo hice lo que tu querias for the Church in Santo Domingo (a renowned Heritage Monument). His circle of friends included several major Colombian artists such as Botero, to name only one. Internationally recognized, Charles Carson is honored to be able to count among his collectors Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, who acquired one of his works at an exhibition in Boston. "Charles Carson presents us with magnificent visual richness. The viewer must learn to read - consciously or not - the scenes or subjects being proposed. Carson interprets and transposes with great strength and subtlety. An attitude that within the visual arts world, precedes and follows all major careers." Jacques de Roussan (1929-1995) publisher, writer and art consultant. "..The powerful and fascinating chromatic compositions of Charles Carson remind us of what Kandinsky wrote in 1910 in his Uber das Geistige in der Kunst (The Spiritual in Art)." By (L. Bruens) "..Charles Carson has the art of deconstructing his designs with an astonishing elegance. The purity and transparency of colors and their juxtaposition bring them all into a harmonious whole stemming from and inspired by the pleasure of handling forms. These enigmatic compositions, transformed in the laboratory of his fertile imagination clearly show the mastery of the artist." (L. Bruens) Vaudreuil-Soulanges Museum, Canada "To view the works of Charles Carson is to contemplate and discover the figurative through the abstract in a chromatic explosion that brings happiness. They do our spirits good. Their quality, originality and dynamic spirit lead us forward, uplift us and fill us with joy". Pierrette Labonte, Curator By: Terry Santer As early as 1990, Louis Bruens and several colleagues, Guy Robert and Jacques de Roussan, all three art historians and consultants, could discern through the work of Charles Carson "an artist of the calibre of Riopelle, if not in fact superior to that master." However, as Guy Robert explained, "The work Charles Carson is doing can be clearly distinguished from that of a Riopelle as it takes us to the border lying between the abstract and the figurative (.). In so doing we are able to avoid the old quarrel that has so often arisen between them; indeed it might be said that, with Carson, a reconciliation takes place." Robert went on to explain that, preferring to use acrylic paint to the spatula, "Carson, slicing like a blade to the core of the matter, launches himself onto each blank canvas via the rapid and nervous dance of his hand, using layered touches nearly always on the diagonal or in wide ellipses." From this way of doing things, a la Carson, "comes an impression of such freshness, such dynamism, and what rhythm (.)!" that a new -ism- is of necessity required by art experts. Hence Carsonism! Guy Robert (1933-2000 ), Author, art historian and critic Guy ROBERT he has published books on art and poetry, and livres d'artistes illustrated with original prints. His best - known works include studies on Riopelle, Pellan, Borduas, Dallaire, Fortin, Lemieux, Dumouchel, and Bonet; and more... (Extract from the book and analyze by Guy Robert: Charles CARSON..a new ism. "Carsonim" a discovery. It's not that Carson is trying to impose a new pictorial language on anyone! It's more because he is so unclassable to begin with, so unique is his form of writing. As the art historian Guy Robert has commented: "On the border line between abstract and figurative already mentioned, Carson gives each painting an extraordinary depth that is much more fascinating than the most masterful system of perspective." "The impression of freshness and energy we find in Carson's paintings comes in part from the brightness and purity of the colours, harmonised in a rhythmic and airy juxtaposition by patches of white." "The placement of broad strokes (.) seems to be raised up by some mysterious breath, discreet yet efficacious, animating the whole composition." Guy Robert highlights another characteristic of Carsonism: "It is also fascinating to see how the artist, without having recourse to the artifice of perspective, creates a most original impression of depth by giving the illusion of a continual shimmering, a sort of curving of the visual space and a mobility to the schema by means of this energetic and harmonious disposition of mass." ".The discovery of work like that of Carson is akin to the anticipation one feels at the approach of a long-awaited springtime!" "Carson has created a new style - more than that, he has developed a completely new pictorial language that makes an appearance on the scale of artistic values in a way that has nothing to do with the current directions, genres or styles that are mostly found in today's art market". When so respected an art expert as Louis Bruens expresses more than an opinion but an outcry from the heart, the marriage of Art and Finance takes on a reassuring note. Just what kind of effect did Charles Carson's painting have on Bruens? "In the early stages of my profession - around 1959 - I experienced love at first sight.. for the work of two Quebec artists: Marc-Aurele Fortin and Riopelle.. Since that time I have gotten to know many artists - some superlative - and many others.. I very rarely express myself publicly about the quality of works of art, but in this instance I was compelled to shout aloud the enthusiasm I felt at this new, and probably final, love at first sight - the painting of Charles Carson". According to the expert: In Charles Carson we find an artist of truly superior caliber. In 1992 I published a profile in several languages entitled Carson. Guy Robert, the well-known art historian, subsequently published a work on the painting of Charles Carson. Later, the art specialist Jacques de Roussan, struck by the esthetic values of Charles Carson's painting which he designated as 'sublime' published an illuminating review of his work. Jacques de Roussan (1929-1995) said the following: "The paintings of Charles Carson are perceived in terms of great visual richness.. We have here a level of subliminal pictorialism in which we discover a domain between-two-worlds that is in perpetual alternation.. The viewer must learn to READ - consciously or otherwise - the scenes and subjects depicted. Carson interprets and transposes with both strength and subtlety - a stance which, in the realm of the visual arts, heralds and follows great careers". Louis Bruens concludes: "I have been maintaining since 1992 that Charles Carson has developed a truly novel way of interpreting Nature and its creatures in a style that conforms to the principles of esthetics in terms of the subjects of his compositions and his chromatic resonance.. My 1992 assertions have been confirmed. And when it comes to investment, my predictions have fulfilled themselves with some precision: Charles Carson's works are acquiring more than a promising value on the international market. On the subject of investment, history is repeating itself. What was true twenty years ago is still true today - even more so". Since he returned to Quebec in 2000, Charles Carson has caused much ink to flow on the international scene, both figuratively and literally. He has left, and continues to leave his mark and his colors. This artist transports us into a fascinating realm in our discovery of the subtleties of Carsonism. (1985-2003) Many exhibitions in several countries including: Canada, the United States, England, France, the Philippines, Colombia and Asia. Pay a visit to the spectacular website www.charlescarson.com It is on a grand scale with many stunning visuals elaborations and will take you on a guided tour of discovery of the subtleties of Carsonism.
AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS Charles Carson, gold medal-holder 2006 ACAD?IA XXI - AIBAQ MUSEUM OF BEAUX-ARTS OF MONTREAL Paris 2006- Charles CARSON, Honourable Mention of the international Salon of the Academy European of Arts France,in recognition of its exceptional talent. International Golden 2003 MIM Award. Salon international technologie Palais de Congres Montreal. Winner 2002 of La grande Medaille d'or de Rayonnement Universel Salon international des Beaux-Arts de Montreal. Honor Award,1999 with honorable mention - Medellin Arts Festival, Colombia. Homage at CARSON 1997 - The Cartagena Airport Corporation pays him homage. A life-size bronze statue in the effigy of CHARLES CARSON signed Mario RODRIGUEZ was unveiled. 1st Prize 1995 - CARSON, special guest, Caribbean Arts Festival. First Prize 1994, from the Commanderie de l'Ordre des Chevaliers de St Hubert. Gold Medal 1993 from the CIDIAQ (Centre international d'information et Diffusion des Arts in Quebec.)
Over the years he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. He has also spent 10 of these artistically productive years living in Columbia. Carson has gained recognition at the international level and become known among art historians and consultants both for his art itself, and for his unique technique which has been termed "Carsonism" by these experts. 2003- Galerie d'art Richelieu inc.- Montreal, Qc. Canada, (SOLO) 2003 - Galerie Le Prieure, Normandie, France (SOLO) 2002- Galerie d'art Richelieu inc.- Montreal, Qc. Canada (SOLO) 2002- Galerie Saibam inc. Montreal, Qc. Canada. SOLO 2002- Rimawi Art Gallery inc.- Boston, Etat-Unis (SOLO) 2002- Feria Picturale des Laurentides. Laurentides, Quebec. Canada 2001- Sanchez Fine Art West Palm Beach (Floride) E.-U. SOLO 2001- Gest-Art, Fine Art, Laval (Quebec) Canada, SOLO 2001- Marchand Frederic Bonet, (Vinca) France (SOLO) 2001- Collection Carson Montreal, Qc.Canada (SOLO) 2001- Galerie d'art les Peintres Quebecois inc. Quebec, Qc. Canada 2001- Galerie Quebec-Art inc. Quebec, CANADA 2001- Galerie Le Relais des Epoques, Montreal (Quebec) Canada 2001- Galeria Cartagena Arte (Cartagene) Colombie (SOLO) 2001- Galerie d'art Rimawi inc. Laval, (Quebec) Canada (SOLO) 2001- Galerie Symbole Art inc. Montreal (Quebec) Canada 2001- Galerie d'Art Contemporain Montreal (Quebec) Canada. 2001- Katona Fine Art Vancouver, Canada (SOLO) 2000- Courtier Gina Turgeon Moncton ( N.B.) Canada (SOLO) 2000- Galerie Michel Blais inc. Vancouver, BC Canada 2000- Sanchez Fine Art West Palm Beach (Floride) E.-U. (SOLO) 2000- Salon des Galeries d'Art Montreal (Quebec) Canada 2000- Galerie Le Relais des Epoques,Montreal (Quebec) Canada 2000- Galerie Quebec-Art inc. Quebec, CANADA 2000- Galerie d'art les Peintres Quebecois inc. Quebec, Qc. Canada 2000-Collection Carson Montreal, Qc.Canada (SOLO) 1999- Galerie d'art Montoya, Medellin, Colombie (SOLO) 1999- Hotel Dann Carlton, (Medellin) Colombie (SOLO) 1999 Galerie d'art Betty (Medellin) Colombie 1999-Claustro Santo Domingo (Cartagene) Colombie 1999- Marchand Frederic Bonet, (Vinca) France (SOLO) 1998-Claustro Santo Domingo (Cartagene) Colombie (SOLO) 1998-Galeria Arte Autopista Las Lomas (Medellin) Colombie (SOLO) 1997- Phantom Fine Art, New York (New York) Etat-Unis. 1997- Marchand Frederic Bonet, (Vinca) France (SOLO) 1997-Le cheval de mer Aeroport Int.Rafael Nunez Colombie. (SOLO) 1997 "Yo hice lo que tu querias", Eglise S. Domingo, Colombie (SOLO) 1996- Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Cartagene) Colombie (SOLO) 1996-Groupe Mercurart International Inc., Canada (SOLO) 1996- Katona Fine Art Vancouver, Canada SOLO 1996- Phantom fine Art, Art Expo, Miami Etat-Unis. 1996 - Laval Fine Art Gallery, Qc. Canada (SOLO) 1996- Art, Miami Convention Center, Miami U.B #8-43S.A. Etat-Unis. 1995- Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Cartagene) Colombie (SOLO) 1995-Groupe Mercurart International Inc., Canada (SOLO) 1995- Galerie d'art Rimawi inc. Laval, (Quebec) Canada SOLO 1995- Escuela de Bellas Artes, (Cartagene) Colombie. (SOLO) 1995- Museo de Arte Moderno (Bogota) Colombie (SOLO) 1994- Gest-Art, Fine Art, Laval (Quebec) Canada, SOLO 1994- Hotel Caribe (Cartagene) Colombie (SOLO) 1994-Casa del Marques de Valdehoyos Colombie (SOLO) 1994- La Villa des Arts Laurentides, (Quebec) Canada (SOLO) 1994-Groupe Mercurart International Inc., Canada (SOLO) 1994- Galeria Cartagena Arte (Cartagene) Colombie (SOLO) 1994- Musee Vaudreuil, (Quebec) Canada, par Guy Robert. (SOLO) 1993- Galerie les trois C. Quebec, Canada (SOLO) 1993- Groupe Mercurart International Inc., Canada (SOLO) 1992- Larkin's Swindon. Angleterre. par Mercurart inc. (SOLO) 1989- Sheraton Fine Art Gallery inc.(Quebec) Canada (SOLO) 1987- Galerie d'Art contemporain, d'Orly, Aeroport d'Orly, France 1987- Sheraton Fine Art Gallery inc.(Quebec) Canada (SOLO) 1986- Arte Fan Wu Int, Hong Kong. (SOLO) 1985-Sheraton Fine Art Gallery, Quebec, Canada (SOLO) 1985- Convention Center, Philippines. (SOLO

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