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Parchment,Norville-seated angel on blue
seated angel on blue / Painting Oil / 52" high / Request Price


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Artist Information:
Name   : Norville Parchment
Location: Oakland  
  United States
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Norville Parchment

It was when I was enrolled in theology school in 1993 studying to be a pastor when I first concieved of "gods." a play cantered around the fall of angels and the salvation of mankind. Two years into the project my focus had shifted completely as I became more riveted by the concept of the salvation of angels. The constant studying, asking or searching in regards to why there was no salvation for angels not only cost me quite a bit of sleep but my theology career as well. I switched my major in college to fine art with an emphasis in oil painting and began the search for my voice. I feel only now, twelve years later, that I've found it. I have always been a multi-media artist. Painting, photography, music: I express myself in many different genres, with painting remaining my first love. -norville
Angels are a common thread throughout many religious doctrines, portrayed as white shining slaves of God or demons immersed in evil. My angels are neither. Beautiful, delicate yet with such strength, these angels are not purely identifiable with anything but their existence within the time their soul was captured on canvas. We review the definition of 'angelic' through seemingly human and 'flawed' activities as drinking a martini, eating ice cream or partaking in other earthly delights; things not truly evil by any means but unexpected of the angel's deified status...if not a little naughty. Even though I explore human themes in this collection, I have intentionally excluded themes of sexuality or violence. The nudity intentionally brings a vulnerability to the work, not only bringing the angels to earth but making their fragile state among us more real to the viewer. The intention of this collection is not to tantalize as much as it is to signify how fragile these beautiful creatures are to behold, despite some seemingly unsavory activity. Though I have been painting for over fourteen years, this is my premiere complete collection. It has been a great joy for me to feel as though I have found my voice with this collection. A true multimedia collection, the works employ photography, computer manipulation, and oil paint. Each piece is an individual work in theory and artistic process to ensure each angel her own distinctive presentation and personality. I would like to thank my stunning models who were so gracious to portray angels. -norville

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