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Name   : Ama Liu
Location: Fotan  
  Hong Kong
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  Crazy Wonderland
  Wandering Eyes
Liu,Ama-Indigo Soul
Indigo Soul / Painting Oil / 2 ft x 3 ft / Sold

Description: September 29th, 03. 1, 2, 3!K4...5. 5 pieces of Polo shirts left in this melancholy closet. Some in stripes, some black, some grey. Some so dark that I can not even see, are they the fine lines of cotton or nylon? I wonder with a sigh. I turned around in semi-circle. Clockwise, then anti-clockwise. I can almost smell his loneliness left behind. The anger expressed on the wooden cupboards. 6 stains of tears seeped through the rotten chair. Displaying my very own in front of what is once my room. My heart is very much saddened. I guess this is over. After 7 years of being in war. Who the hell won at the end of the day? I do not know. For I do not have the heart to care Nor do I want to know. I do not want to know.

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Ama Liu

Amabel fell in love with the arts and music ever since she was brought into this world. She started painting and drawing when she was two. Amabel paints mostly about her life experiences, which are often quite dramatic for a girl who is only 21 years of age. !Painting is like therapy to me. I paint like writing in my journal, about my life and my feelings towards this world I!|m living in. There!|s always something in life to paint about.!? She loves to paint about the !real!? side of human beings, in which she believes that one should look at people with their soul, instead of their eyes. Amabel!|s work tends to be in the darker, mysterious and atmospheric. She creates her own characters or objects that is non-existence. !I did not create those images by myself. Those images come to me in my dreams or even during the day. For example, I see a young boy crying in an ordinary flower pot!K!? She started to play the piano at six, and started composing her own songs when she was seven. Amabel is now a senior Fine Arts student in Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is also a jazz/blues singer of a quartet !Subito!?, accompanied by Chris Gordon (guitar), Lawrence Tsui (drums), and Julian Ree (double bass). They have occasional gigs at the Hong Kong Fringe Club as well as other jazz and blues clubs around town. Amabel spends most of her time painting in her private studio in Fo Tan, in which she claims as her !Heaven!?. !I am addicted to painting. It is impossible to get rid of. Painting and I are indelible.!?
October 5-15, 2003 "Pi" Paradoxical Eyes!? !Va series of 5 oil paintings Joint exhibition in Hui!|s Gallery (CUHK). March 11-19, 2003 !Three Dots!? !The Season of Darkness!? !Va series of 5 oil paintings Joint debut exhibition in Hui!|s Gallery (CUHK).

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