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Name   : Faye Anastasopoulou
Location: Athens, Greece  
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  Glorious Earth
Serenity / Painting Oil / 40 x 60cm / Not For Sale

Description: Available in a variety of fine art prints and other products at https://faye-anastasopoulou.pixels.com/featured/serenity-faye-anastasopoulou.html Gently floating on the calm lake water, the graceful swan in its natural environment conveys a sense of tranquility, peace and serenity.

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Faye Anastasopoulou

Fine artist working primarily with oil colors. I am motivated to create meaningful, thought provoking, atmospheric themes with a fantasy or sometimes surrealistic approach, vibrancy and movement. The use of vivid, strong colors and my preference for oils contribute to creating lively, exciting, colorful art which speaks of the never ending hope and the power of the human spirit even if sometimes my paintings speak of pessimism or depression. The element of water is present in most of my themes, as I find it a source of freshness, renewal and inspiration. Although I favor coastal and ocean scenes, I paint an assortment of topics such as fantasylike, surreal environments that have a story to tell and convey strong emotions. My goal is to infuse my paintings with a sense of light, fantasy and bold use of color in order to invite the viewer to a visual journey in a world of fantasy filled with adventure, passion, personal growth, spiritual and emotional empowerment. I feel that the role I am playing as an artist is to have a positive influence on people's souls and imagination by filling their spirit with joy and passion for life.
All images are available in a variety of art prints and products at https://faye-anastasopoulou.pixels.com/ or anastasopoulou?tab=artwork or http://www.redbubble.com/people/anastasopoulou/portfolio/recent?asc=u or http://www.pictorem.com/profile/Fotini.Anastasopoulou or https://www.artpal.com/fayeanastasopoul/

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