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Name   : Guy David
Location: Rishon le-Zion  
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  Thorn Cage
David,Guy-Back Alley Fish Gallery
Back Alley Fish Gallery / Digital Art / 40"x32" /

Description: This piece was created for The Abyss show. In this, a sea curator chose some of my works for a back alley sea gallery, and he is using the local sea life as canvases for displaying it. For this work I used some models from the DAZ3d website. First I used the Back Alley model, created by Stonemason. I imported it into Bryce and added a Water Plane which I than placed at the top of the buildings, cutting them off to create an underwater feel. At this point, I also added some Jungle Vines. I changed the sky setting to night time and added some light gels to simulate the underwater feel. For the various sea creatures in this scene, I used the Sea Life Packs, again from DAZ3d. I imported them into Bryce and used some of my other artworks as their materials. That way, the sea creatures have been transformed into a living gallery of my work.

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Guy David

How I started: I studied at a graphic design school, and graduated in 1995. While working at various advertising agencies, creating ads and brochures, I started playing around with the Mac when my boss wasn't looking... I started fooling around with some graphic design software, and created my first works using an early version of FreeHand, then I added Photoshop to my work tools. I didn't think of myself as an artist at the time. I just liked what I was creating, then I started receiving some good feedback about my art, so I became aware that I am, actually, an artist. Today I create my pieces regularly, showing them on online galleries.
Who am I: I'm Guy, digital artist and musician. I live in Israel with my wife and son. About my art: I create digital art using various software and digital models. My thinking has recently gone from 2D thinking to 3D thinking. This means that I now work in a 3D space instead of a flat two dimensional space. I make my environments using Bryce, pose and morph my models using DAZ|Studio and generally use models purchased at DAZ. In my work, I explore the non-conscience mind, the dark side of the brain, the unknown. My work ranges from the surrealist to the abstract, and develops as I go alone.

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