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Name   : Chris Purdie
Location: Orem UT 
  United States
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Purdie,Chris-Electoral Collage
Electoral Collage / Collage and Montage / 24x24x6 inches (61x61x15 cm) / NFS (Artist's Collection)

Description: acrylic, collage and assemblage of found objects. 2004

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Chris Purdie

Chris Purdie Born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lives & Works in Orem, Utah. Over the past fifteen years Chris Purdie has toured the United States with various bands and recorded albums, nine of which have been released nationally. The experiences gained as a musician and live-performer have increased his creativity and capacity to generate thought provoking work. Purdie would like to teach art at the university level and continue to fortify his established reputation as a professional artist.
Codes & Procedures is a collection of art pieces created for varied purposes to be used by the Electoral College musical group. From September 2003 to June 2004 Chris Purdie combined his artwork with his musical endeavors and this show is the result of his efforts. Three concepts govern Chris Purdie's studio. The refiner's fire, Nature vs. Nurture and What constitutes beauty? Purdie finds that both nature and nurture are responsible for the progressive act of creating beauty. Each of us is a work of art in progress. How do we react to the time intensive process of creation? Do we accept it or fight against it? Our reaction will serve as a foundation for the next creation phase. Knowing this, gallery patrons may ponder: who knows best, the creator or the elements? Chris Purdie believes that beauty is best illustrated by allowing the elements to exhibit their natural characteristics and properties. By directing the development of his work in this manner, Purdie hopes to render images that portray a non-conventional beauty and inspire his contemporaries. Simulating the formation of sedimentary layers in geology, Chris Purdie introduces a formulated mixture of paint and water to a horizontal panel which has been populated with topographical forms. Purdie then tilts the panel until the aqueous medium has run a satisfactory course. This time intensive process is recognized by the artist, collector, gallery director and his fellows as "soaking & washing." One of Purdie's rivals unexpectedly visited his studio and mentioned that his work picked up where Jackson Pollock left off.

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