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Grand'Hotel / Painting Oil / 70x56 cm / Request Price


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  Alici nel paese delle megatriglie

Artist Information:
Name   : Gianluigi Serravalli
Location: Milano  
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Gianluigi Serravalli

Gianluigi Serravalli was born in Ferrara and has the Ferrara artist's ability to filter the observation of life with a good deal of fantasy supported by a good patronage of culture. His art works are mostly manufactured objects and he prepares materials and matter on his own, as the preliminary phase of them. His subjects, even in the logical development of tools, have the flavour of the renaissance: walls, roofs, plastered panels enlightened with segments of sun and slivers of moon that upset the natural wrapping of light, purposefully revealing the human manufacturing. Overbearing cathedrals, cranes that languish in the moonlight like heartbreaking mechanical Pierrots, ribcages made of bridges lost against vague squarish backgrounds of palaces: one perceives the golden development of their architecture and the sad unharmonious scattering of their remains. Man, even when unseen, is the master and is impending. Here and there, incongruous but essential, emblematic small figures materialize, with a feeling of metaphysics, of quotation and dream: transfigured animals, hesitating men, masks of play and deception. And women too: small figures luxuriously rotund, a far cry from the thin, almost incorporeal masses, typical of the beauties of nowadays. No wonder, then, he was born in Ferrara.

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