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Khan,Ejay-In What We Trust
In What We Trust / Mixed Media / 24x36 / $2,500 USD

Description: The piece depicts New Babylon as described in Joda Khan's poem by the same name, and was created in 2000. The airplans flying around the world trade centers were a premonition, not recognized until over a year later. The poem says: the industrial priests are holding church for the world, electronic pews with push-button blessings, they're quoting scriptures from a bible cast in green, chapter unknown verse unseen, thou shalt not kill, unless it's politically expedient, citizens bow down before automated tellers, while quoting prophecies contained in the Wall Street Journal, thy will be done, heaven can be had while you still live, paid for in installments with bits of your soul, oh but not to worry, hell is only a neighborhood housing the poor and the old, now I lay me down to sleep, but I can't I'm afraid, the bombs are all armed, the course has been laid, chapels with golden spires raised to the sky, people rushing inside to worship the lie, Jesus did say that he would return, but in New Babylon without a public relations firm, he'll hardly be noticed, the industrial priests are holding church for the world, bow down or die, ahhh-mennn

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  Government Sanctioned Killers a/k/a A Toast

Artist Information:
Name   : Ejay Khan
Location: East Boston MA 
  United States
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Ejay Khan


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