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Name   : Daniel Alm
Location: Portland OR 
  United States
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  The Heart
  Jimi on Stage
Alm,Daniel-Blue n' Sax
Blue n' Sax / Painting Acrylic / 16x20 / "Request Price"

Description: They still wear hats in some musical locations, such as the Big Easy (New Orleans)..even the street performers wear em' . In the 1940's everyone past 18 wore em' ..I wanted to make up a character that feels comfortable in a hat blown' a mean reed.

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Daniel Alm

Daniel Alm was born in 1963 in Northridge , California. From an early age he became interested in art and has either drawn or painted since. At 12 he moved to northern Europe along with his parents for a job his father had with the European Space Agency. This move allowed Daniel to see in person some of the great art treasures of Europe. This experience instilled an appreciation for the accomplishments of great masters , such as Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer,Jan Vermeer, and Van Gogh. It wasn't until High School that he began any formal training in the arts. Encouraged by an art teacher and his photography teacher to enroll to Art Center of Pasadena advanced high school art program for gifted young artists. He went on to study commercial art , and excelled in pen & ink and colored pencil renderings. At this time he was especially influenced by an eclectic group of illustrators such as Roger Dean (of Yes fame), Frank frazzetta, N.C. Wyeth, and Charles Dana Gibson. Later Daniel studied under such artists as Fred Fixler (retired Illustrator) and Glen Vilppu (California landscape artist) at Brandies Art Institute in Southern California. After a 3 year stint in radio as a host of a popular music show in Orange County, Dan returned to his previous career in the growing digital print and graphic industry. It was while doing his radio program Daniel also found the time to write and publish a bimonthly Jazz & Blues music newsletter, emcee musical events, and go to many live music venues. Among other projects Daniel has also designed and illustrated several music CD packages and continues to do so when a need for his talents in that area to arise. These unusual opportunities allowed Dan to combine his love of art with music together with a renewed inspiration toward his subject matter.
Art & music go together like wine & cheese, you almost can't have one without the other. I started years ago dabbling in music and I had always drawn or used paints. My first dream was to create music and do album (pre-CD Mpg players etc.) covers for that music. At that time original art was used extensively on Vinyl Record covers. I also have always enjoyed older classic novels with all those wonderful illustrations, be it block prints , pen & inks or full color plates. It is this combination of album art and classic book illustrations that inspired me. When I was a young adult I started visiting live music venues and gathered my inspiration there, it was this feeling of instant creation, the expressions the movement of the performer etc., this is an experience I wanted to share, thus I started painting musicians performing and all things related to the live music event.
Currently showing at Six Days Art gallery on 2724 NE Alberta St in Portland, Oregon. http://www.sixdaysart.com/

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