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VOILIER EUROPA / Painting Oil / 25 MARINE / 2770 EURO


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Been born on March 25th, 1969, louis RUNEMBERG enters the Fine art of Rouen in the age of 15 years, it studies during 3 years the drawing supervised by Francois LAGIS, then in the age of 18 years it enters the ACADEMY OF PAINTING supervised by Christian SAUVE during 9 years. In 1999, he becomes a painter of the ARMADA OF ROUEN. In November, 2003, He is published(edited) in the dictionary of modern and contemporary Artists DROUOT quotation published(edited) by LAROUSSE.
Been born on March 25th, 1969, louis RUNEMBERG enters in ARTISTIC FORMING(TRAINING) HAS THE ART COLLEGE OF ROUEN 1994/2002: Academy of painting. Animation of class(course) and technical forming(training) in the oil painting according to alive models. Grinding of pigments, conception and use of the sociable dispositions, the mediums and the universal fillers. Conception of entoiles supports. 1998/2002: Sketch according to alive models. Animation and technical forming(training) in the various graphic constituents(components) (aquarellages chalks, pencils, felt-tips, marker pens, washing, watercolour, gouache, charcoals, graphites, sepia drawing, Indian ink, dry pastel, pastel in the oil). 1999/2000: Modelling. Forming(Training) on the techniques of modelling and emptying. 1987/1989: academy of painting. Forming(Training) in the artistic expression and the pagination. 1985/1987: Initiation 2nd drawing and 3rd level. Technical forming(training) of the drawing (charcoal, dry pastel, watercolour). Studies of the perspectives and the anatomical proportions. 1984/1985: Initiation drawing 1st level. Forming(Training) in the free and artistic expression of the graphic techniques.
EXPOSITION PHYSIQUE EN GALERIES GALERIE GLOB'ART , 11 rue Guillaume le Conquerant, 76000 ROUEN EXPOSITIONS PHYSIQUES 2003 : 27eme Salon de Printemps a Saint Aubin les Elbeuf 2003 : 18eme Salon de printemps a la Galerie du parc de Notre Dame de Gravenchon. 2002 : 20eme Salon d'automne a la Galerie du parc de Notre Dame de Gravenchon. 2002 : 53eme Salon de la palette Cantilienne. (prix de la ville) 2002 : 36eme Salon des Artistes de Grand Quevilly. 2002 : 54eme Salon d'Elbeuf. 2002 : 26eme Salon de printemps de saint Aubin les Elbeuf. 2001 : 35eme Salon des Artistes de Grand Quevilly. (prix des annonceurs) 1999 : 33eme Salon des Artistes de Grand Quevilly. 1999 : 23eme Salon de printemps a saint Aubin les Elbeuf. (prix special du jury) 1999 : 1ere Exposition des peintres de l'ARMADA 1999 au cloitre des penitents a Rouen. 1999 : 10eme Salon d'automne a Maromme. 1999 : 22eme Salon d'automne de l'AYAC a Yvetot. 1998 : 9eme Salon d'automne a Maromme. EXPOSITIONS VIRTUELLES PERMANENTE DEPUIS le 1/01/ 2003 . LOUIS RUNEMBERG ARTISTE PEINTRE http://site.voila.fr/louis.runemberg GALERIE DROUOT COTATION www.drouot-cotation.org ART INVESTOR www.art-investors.com ARTABUS www.artabus.com SCULPTURE EN LIGNE www.sculpturesenligne.com ARTISTE WORLDWIDE www. artists-worldwide.net WORMS ART www.wormsarts.com ART ACTIF www.artactif.com ARTYST www.artyst.net ART GALERY www.art-galery.net ART LA PASSERELLE www.art.la-passerelle.net PREMIERE GALERIE www.premieregalerie.com ARTS QUEBEC www.artsquebec.com GALERIE EDER www.galerie.eder.net AQOLAB www.aqolad.net TABLEAU EN LIGNE www.tableauxenligne.com AMALTHE www.amalthee.org ESPRIT CREATION www.esprit-creation.com ARTMAJEUR www.artmajeur.com GALERIE CRAVEN A www.galerie.xlasserre.net ART FANTASTIQUE www.arts-fantastiques.com WEB ZINEMAKER www.webzinemaker.com PEINTURE INFO www.peinture-info.net GALART www.galart.com ART PACT www.arpact.org PINCEAUX EROS www.axlouyan.com/yan/pinceaux_eros ESPRIT CEATION www.esprit-creation.com CENTRART www.centrart.qc.ca ACTUALART www.actualart.com

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