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  Bella col libro di OrodA"

Deoro,OrodŤ-pittura 26
pittura 26 / Mixed Media / 21x29,7 cm / Not For Sale

Description: a body

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  Vittima di guerra

Artist Information:
Name   : OrodŤ Deoro
Location: Lecce  
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OrodŤ Deoro

OrodA" was born in Taranto in 1974. He is a poet, painter and a self-taught mosaicist. In 2000 he abandoned his academic career in Philosophy at the University of Perugia and moved to the painter and sculptor Vincent M. Brunetti‚?Ts House-Museum in Guagnano, province of Lecce (ITALY). Here he fulfilled his dream about a workshop of the Renaissance. In three suffered years he creates more than 250 mq of original mosaics made with ceramic, stones, mirrors, painting and other materials on internal and external walls. The House-Museum Vincentcity is now a permanent exposition of his masterpieces. The website www.fragmentart.it contains his ceramic pictures, his paintings and his autobiographical book ‚?o Io sono della pietra‚?? (I come from the stone). From 2001 he set up individual and collective exhibitions, Fragmentart mosaics, mail art in Italy and abroad. Frequently he takes part to poetic readings. At the preset time he lives in Salento, South Italy.
2008- Roma ‚?oFragmentart Man‚?? Arch Art & Jewels 2007- Roma ‚?oIl Domasguardi contro l‚?Tarte dell‚?Taccecamento‚?? Arch Gallery 2007 ‚?" Lecce ‚?oMosaici, pittura e poesia di OrodA"‚?? Ass. Cult. Fondo Verri 2006 ‚?" Barcellona (Spagna) ‚?oOrodA"‚?? Spazio Espositivo El Sol de Nit 2004 ‚?" Lecce ‚?oCrepuscolo Celtico‚?? Ass. Cult. Fondo Verri 2003 ‚?" Lecce ‚?oL‚?Todore di bruciato che brucia il cuore‚?? Ass. Cult. Il Raggio Verde 2002 ‚?" Lecce ‚?oFragmentart 2‚?? Galleria La Chimera 2001 ‚?" Manduria (TA) ‚?oFragmentart‚?? Palazzo delle Servite Collective Exhibitions 2008- Roma ‚?oSupermart- Arte al cm quadro‚?? Arch Art & Jewels 2008- Roma ‚?oNUA‚?? Circolo degli Artisti 2007- Roma ‚?oMuseo Bazar‚?? Arch Gallery 2007- Ceccano (FR) ‚?oContemporaneamente‚?? Mediateca 2007- Capranica (VT) ‚?oWithout‚?? Chiesa di S. Francesco 2007- Roma ‚?oSuperMart- Arte al cm Quadro‚?? Arch Gallery 2007- Lecce ‚?oContenitore di emozioni‚?? Metropolitan International Art 2006 - Barcellona (Spagna) ‚?oTerritori D‚?TArt‚?? Galleria Julia Karp 2004 - Lecce ‚?oMassrella e la Banda dei Bendassunti‚?? Ass. Cult. Il Raggio Verde 2004- Sava (TA) ‚?oEsposizione Collettiva de I Bruciati‚?? Palazzo Spagnolo Palma 2003 ‚?" Lecce, Caltanisetta, Bruxelles ‚?oMessaggio Terra 2003- Che cosa lasceremo?‚?? nell‚?Tambito del concorso internazionale di Mail Art ass. Cult. Il Raggio Verde 2002 ‚?" Lecce ‚?oCollettiva D‚?TArte‚?? Spazio espositivo Il Sedile

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