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Name   : Tamara Leigh Jarvis
Location: Kokomo  
  United States
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  Purple Mountian Ride
  Purging the Branches
Jarvis,Tamara Leigh-Purple Passion
Purple Passion / Painting Acrylic / 24x20 / $125 USD

Description: Abstraction of purple tulips and sunflowers.

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Tamara Leigh Jarvis

Artist Bio Tamara Leigh Jarvis was born in Kokomo, Indiana in 1954, to Thomas V. Small and Doris L. Marquand. Of course God is the giver of all gifts, but both my parents have artisitic talent. Her father who died in 1965, at the young age of 36, worked in sketching and colored pencils. He was extremely good at fine details, and loved drawing intricate battle scenes. Her mother does beautiful watercolors of birds and flowers. She attended a local high school and only took one art course, but was encouraged by a teacher, Malcom Black. However she grew up next door to a wonderfully inspiring lady, Mary K. Ashburn, who always told her to sign my work because "you are an artist". So it was way back then that she started signing her work "Leigh" simply because she liked making the capital L more than the T. She attended Purdue University where she wanted to take design but was talked into medical technology. Everyone said, "What would she do with an art degree?". She did paint way back then, but was not encouraged, so eventually quit. When she did start painting again it was decorative on furniture and such. After having breast cancer in 2000, Tam decided it was time to start painting the way she had wanted to all along. Now that she is mature enough (really old, a grandmother!) to not care what anyone else thinks, she love's to watch people's reaction to her art. And even when it's negative, that's ok, because she still hear Mary saying "You're an artist." She has a wonderful husband who puts up with her painting when she should be cleaning. Together, they have 4 sons, 2 grandsons and a granddaughter. Her work is currently exhibited at Artworks in the Kokomo Mall, APA Gallery in PA, and online at www.tamaraleighjarvis.artspan.com , and www.artzleigh.com .
As far back as I can remeember, I have always loved playing with color. The drama of colors, putting them together and seeing what they will do with each other. And I love watching the effect the final outcomee has on others. As long as I get an immediate reaction, whether good or bad, I know my work has touched their emotions and made them think, made them feel, something. The worst response is "oh, that's nice, dear." I am passionate about my work, so it must evoke passion, or in the least deep thought. Much of my work reflects my deep committment to God and His Son Jesus Christ. I very much believe in the spiritual realm and this belief comes out in my work. I never know where a painting is going to go, but God directs the brush into the heavenlies. I have always used James 1:17 as the basis of my personal statement, "Every good & perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father..."

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