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Name   : eugene al pann
Location: Santa Monica CA 
  United States
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  "Brancusi - This is No Hollywood"
  "Tide- Cleans The Black Spots of Hystory"
pann,eugene al-
"Colgate - Behind any Politician, there is a Great Smile"- / Painting Acrylic / 60 x 100 cm / 8000 EUR

Description: American politicians are famous for the smile regarding the situation they are in.

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eugene al pann

Romanian born- American artist,(1969) Lives and creates in Los Angeles.
While pop art was taking the lead in the art world, Romanian art was shifting between socialism-realism to meaningless figurative (flowers, landscapes, still life). Socialist Realism state controlled art was, in a way, the reaction to the capitalist pop-art and a way to show the world the benefits of communism as the pop art reflected the benefits of products. Romanian born American artist Eugene Al Pann projects a body of work dedicated to iconic products and images that influenced him in an artistic way. This will place Romanian art to the one of strongest art movements of all times, the pop-art movement. His images bring a new, fresh approach on the Romanian art scene and talk about the strongest graphic elements in the corporate world. This artistic approach is a fine-tuning for the Romanian art history. The artist opens a new chapter in the Romanian art and talks about brands available to Romanians throughout the past 50 years.
2010 Launching the Socialist-Capitalist Realism Art Movement @ at Chelsea Art Museum in New York, together with Bogdan Dumitrescu Aligns six K1 World Champions to sign an artwork of his, for charity. 2009 "This is Romania", a 6m x 2m artwork presented at Class Studio in Bucharest Romania 2008-2002 exhibitions at BackStreet Gallery in Los Angeles, Don O'Malvy Gallery in Los Angeles, "Annex Gallery" in Denver Colorado 2003 The first artist that painted a portrait of Romanian Dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, after the fall of communism 2001 "Tribute" a mixed-media artwork is selected and presented to Los Angeles County Museum of Art part of "In America Now".

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