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Name   : Amy Letts
Location: Oxford  
  United Kingdom
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  Grean Woman
  Gothic Faerie
Letts,Amy-Faerie Ring
Faerie Ring / Watercolor / A4 / Sold

Description: This is a watercolour I did for a commission. I was not allowed to do scary faeries so this is the pretty variety. They are out there. While I was working on this piece I had I dream that I was dancing with them. At first it was wonderful, like nothing I have ever experienced, and the speed was incredible. But as it went on forever and ever I wanted to escape. But I could not. I was trapped within the dream and it was terrible. Finally they let me go (to finish the painting I suppose) but I was ill. I think this painting is best viewed from a distance, as are the fae themselves when involved in their revells. Get too close and you may be drawn in... You have been warned.

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Amy Letts

Amy Rebecca Letts has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her first piece of design work was for the Leicester Inland Revenue at the age of 14. She loves all forms of creativity and has studied Fine Art, Literature, Textiles, Theatre, Sculpture and Ceramics. She is currently taking a degree with an intention to teach. In her spare time she paints and builds a website called 'Amulett's Art Odyssey' which is dedicated to creation and helping new artists. She is also involved with the Starbase 49 Space Station Project. She takes commissions, with a particular specialism in Fantasy Art and Landscapes. She is eternally enthusiastic towards art and is willing to give most things a try. Currently she is involved in an art exchange with the next thing on her agenda being to do portraits for the Oxford Brookes Christian Union. Her future plans include starting a web comic (despite a complete lack of time to do so) and passing her degree.
Hail Artisans! All my life I have been staring out the window dreaming I am in another world. I'll admit to being an escapist, the land of the imagination is so full of ritch and limitless possibilities that I can do little to resist its charms. And I realised that I can make my own worlds, through pen, through paint, through charcoal, through anything that can make a mark. Every character, every place that existed only in my mind can be born into the world for other people to cherish. They have been such friends to me and have done so much to help me overcome my problems I feel I owe them this. I hope you all enjoy meeting them and that they remember to BEHAVE themselves.
Summer 2004 - 'The Exhibition,' Oxford Brookes Student Union, University Road, Headington, Oxford, England.
December 2004 - The City Gallery Open Exhibition, The City Gallery, Leicester, England.
05 March 2004 - 'The Exhibition,' Oxford Brookes Student Union, University Road, Headington, Oxford.

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