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Name   : Elizabeth Roman
Location: Paris  
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  Into the groove
  Stolen kiss
Roman,Elizabeth-A smile without borders
A smile without borders / Painting Acrylic / 116cm x 89cm / 45.7in x 35in / 2600 USD

Description: Mixed Technique.New figuration. Mixture of popular Latin American art and Occidental pop-art.

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Elizabeth Roman

1971 Born in Peru 1993 Graduated from Arequipa - Peru Professional School of design. 1996 Art History and French civilization, Sorbonne University - Paris 1998 Modeling - technique of the size and volume, Paris City Hall - Professional School of arts Duperr?Summer Session. PUBLICATIONS / LITERATURE 2006 Dictionary "Artists Quotation" Drouot Quotation. 2007 Dictionary "Artists Quotation" Drouot Quotation. 2007 Catalog "Le nous" 2007 Catalog "AELLA" International Festival of Latin American Cinema and Photography 2008 Catalog "Rossini House" 2008 Dictionary "Artists Quotation" Drouot Quotation. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Latinarte Inc. | Miami, FL 33127, United States Glimpse Online Ltd.| Vyner Street, London E2 9DQ United Kingdom Artmesh GmbH | Am Festungsgraben 1 10117 Berlin Germany Saatchi Online | London Drouot Cotations | 18, rue Drouot 75009 PARIS LINKS http://www.arteroman.com (artiste Site) http://www.artprice.com http://www.drouot-cotation.org http://www.art-online.com http://www.artistescotes.com/
From South American origin I live in Paris since several years. I am a self taught painter. The contact with the half-blooded culture (Indigenous-Spanish) owned by Peru has impregnated my mood and has defined my keen hardworking and acute character of my paintings. I found my first references in the work of the Mexican muralist painters and their artistic, political, and social expression in history. I am inspired too by artists belonging to the narrative figuration (Figuration narrative), all those artists in Latin American countries who re-inserted the figure into the discourse of contemporary art to speak about everyday existence with the purpose of social criticism, a painting is not only an object of contemplation but also a tool of communication, I was always been fascinated by this way. Nowadays the influences in my painting are diverse. My work is inscribed in the line of the na?e figurative indigenous painting but I am mainly inspired by the "New figurative" movement (nouvelle figuration - Figuration narrative), I am fascinated by the flat treatment of surfaces and colored areas in aplats and their poetic dimension voluntarily absent of the Pop Art. Today my painting is enriched too by the influences of French Modernism and my personal experience. My work is the result of my cultural crossbreeding, in this I want to establish a bridge between two cultures, creating a mixture of popular Latin American art, New figurative and Occidental pop-art. I claim myself of a popular urban culture so I privilege a simple and direct style. My use of shapes and the figuration is my means to observe the world in which I live. I want to inscribe my paintings in the temporality like a narration of my time. In my work I want to celebrate scenes of everyday existence, I want to talk about the daily reality more and more complex and rich. I try to explore different themes, people, lifestyles, love, sensuality, society, religion. all that in according to my own conceptual world view. My work is inspired by people, it talks about people. Colorist in the soul, with pop colors I want to make discover the scenes of the daily life full in emotions, questions, authenticity and hope. In my work colors have a really important place, I want to transpose in it daily scenes with alive and vibrant colors, I want to create a different universe properly mine, a universe where we can take the time to feel and to observe.
GROUP EXHIBITIONS 1993 (Peru) Exhibition "Contemporary shapes" / Thomas Jefferson Professional School of design. 1994 (Peru) Exhibition "15th August" / North American-Peruvian Cultural Center. 1995 (Peru) Exhibition "National Day - artistic intention" North American - Peruvian Cultural Center. 1997 (Peru) "The Sensorial experience of plastic arts" /Alianza Francesa Cultural Center. 1997 (Peru) Contest "Young artists"/ North American - Peruvian Cultural Center. 2004 (Paris) "Grand March?d'art Contemporain Paris - Bastille". 2006 (Paris) "Trends in contemporary figurative painting"/ Espace de l'horloge, Exhibition room. 2007 (Paris) "Le Nous"/ in collaboration with Art of Life gallery at the Saint Catherine square. 2007 (Paris) "World's Paintings"/ curated by the foundation BNP Parisbas 2007 (Paris) "AELLA" International Festival of Latin American Cinema and Photography 2008 (Paris) Rossini House Solo Exhibitions 2005 (Paris) "The street - feelings and emotions"/ ART ETC. Contemporary Art Center. 2006 (Paris) "Talking about people"/ Espace de l'horloge, Exhibition room. 2006 (Paris) "World and lifestyles"/ Espace Jeunes artistes, Exhibition room. 2007 (Paris) "Europe Latine"/ Espace La Clef exhibition curated by A COMME ART la association

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