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  Sara Reclining Gulf Coast Florida

Linsenmayer,G.-Kent Island III: Workboats
Kent Island III: Workboats / Painting Oil / 21 x 50 inches / 2300 USD

Description: Workboats, Kent Island, Maryland. Oil on Linen Canvas. The painting is in a casual-realist style, the paint being built-up in thin layers and glazes, in a somewhat classical way; but with a more contemporary aspect and feel. It conveys a quiet feeling and experience of workboats on the Chesapeak Bay, Maryland, on a fine autumn day, and will be very striking when framed and displayed. For a higher resolution image, please contact me or link to: http://www.grlprints.fineart2020.com (pics & prints) http://www.gallery.fineart2020.com (online "solo" art gallery) http://www.nudes.fineart2020.com (fine art nudes) keywords: TRADITIONAL, OIL PAINTING, PEOPLE, REALIST ART, OCEAN, SEA, BAY, SHORE, CHESAPEAK BAY BOATS, MARINE ART.

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  Fields - Rt 40 W

Artist Information:
Name   : G. Linsenmayer
Location: Spring Hill  
  United States
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G. Linsenmayer

I currently live in Florida, on the Gulf Coast. Check mt statement for a little more info.
Welcome to Grl Linsenmayer's Portfolio. My early work has been traditional, in a casual, sparse, light style, using glazes to let the light shine through. Currently I also do more contemporary acrylics/oils and direct digital images. I currently live in Florida, USA. I favor "traditional-modern" art styles/motifs in my art; check here... - https://sites.google.com/site/traditionalmodernfineart/ (Traditional-Modern Fine Art) Here are a few of my other online sites: - https://sites.google.com/site/glfineartpaintings/ (pics & prints); - http://fine-art-female-nude.g-fineart2020.com/ (fine art nudes; sales) - https://sites.google.com/site/fineartnudepaintings/ (fine art nudes)

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